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Make Windows 8 Reboot to All Users of a Shared Computer

If you’ve set up multiple user accounts on your Windows 8 computer, you might have noticed something annoying. When they restart the computer, it boots to their profile. Then you have to click the arrow to switch users and get to your account to log on. Here’s how to make Windows 8 show you the full list of users instead.

Note: This tip requires you to make a change to the Windows Registry. Before making any changes, be sure to back it up first!


To make all users show up at once, go in to the Registry and navigate to the following:


Then change from 0 to 1 click OK and close out of the Registry.


Now the next time any of the users restart or power on your Windows 8 computer, all user profiles will show up. To make it even quicker to get to all users, disable the Windows 8 Pro Lock Screen.

Multiple User Windows 8

One problem with this is if you power off the computer. Windows resets the Registry value back to 0. I am looking into a fix for that. But if you always leave your machine on, this comes in handy, especially for Windows Update restarts.

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2 Responses to Make Windows 8 Reboot to All Users of a Shared Computer

  1. Steve Krause April 17, 2013 at 7:28 am #

    I’m just hoping the Homer Simpson Avatar wasn’t meant to represent anyone in particular…. me?

  2. PaulT April 17, 2013 at 7:30 am #

    What about over RDP? One problem I have right now is shutting down a Windows 8 or doing a restart when I’m connected over RDP.

    How do you do that? Can’t find the stupid hotkey either.

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