How to Make Windows 11 Start Automatically

Whether you want your PC at the ready or need to remote into a PC, you can make Windows 11 start automatically. This guide will show you how.

Tired of waking up your PC each day? Your PC will automatically put itself into sleep mode to conserve power. Waking it up afterward, however, can take longer than you’d like.

You may prefer that your PC starts up automatically. If you’re running Windows 11, you can set your PC to start automatically at a specific time each day. If you time it correctly, you can have your PC and apps ready to roll when you sit down in front of your computer.

Depending on your working environment, you may want a PC to boot up remotely at the start of each day so you can remotely connect to it using RDP. To do all of this, you can make Windows 11 start automatically with a few steps in Task Scheduler using the steps below.

How to Make Windows 11 Start Automatically

To schedule your Windows 11 PC to wake up automatically, you need to use the Task Scheduler tool.

To use Task Scheduler to wake up Windows 11, use the following steps:

  1. Open the Start menu and search for task scheduler—select the top result.Make Windows 11 Start Automatically
  2. When Task Scheduler opens, click Action > Create Task under the Action section on the right.Make Windows 11 Start Automatically
  3. Under the General tab in the Name field, type in a name for the task (eg. Auto Wake Up).
  4. Optionally, type in a description for the task.
  5. Select the Run whether user is logged on or not option.
  6. Choose the Run with highest privileges option.
  7. Select Windows 10 from the Configure for dropdown and click OK.Make Windows 11 Start Automatically
  8. Next, switch to the Triggers tab and click the New button in the lower-left corner.Make Windows 11 Start Automatically
  9. Now, set the Begin the task dropdown to On a schedule.
  10. Set the frequency of the task (eg. one time, daily, weekly) and set the start schedule for the task.
  11. You can also synchronize across time zones if you travel frequently. There are some advanced settings, but you should be fine leaving them alone for this.
  12. When you complete the settings, click OK.
  13. Click the Actions tab and select Start a program for the action, and browse to the app’s executable. For instance, we set Google Chrome to launch when the PC starts up. Note that you need at least one app set to start.
  14. Click OK when done.Start a Program
  15. Click on the Conditions tab, select Wake the computer to run this task under the Power section, and click OK.task scheduler create task windows 11

How to Set Power Settings on Windows 11

To make Windows 11 start automatically, you’ll need to check that wake-up timers are enabled in your power settings.

Use the following steps to manage wake timers on Windows 11:

  1. Open the Start menu and search for power settings.
  2. Click Edit power plan from the Best match options.edit power plan
  3. Click the Change advanced power settings option.change advanced power
  4. When the Power Options window appears, expand the Sleep > Allow wake timers category.
  5. Make sure both On Battery and Plugged in are set to Enabled.make Windows 11 start automatically

Waking Up Your PC on Windows 11

If you want to wake up your Windows 11 system automatically, follow the steps above. If you want more programs to open, you don’t have to set them up in Task Scheduler. Instead, you can set apps to launch during startup on Windows 11 instead.

For more tips on Windows 11, check out making your laptop faster with power mode. And for a distraction-free experience, learn about enabling Focus Assist. Windows 11 is more stable than previous versions; however, it’s not without issues. If it crashes, read how to fix Windows 11 keeps crashing.



  1. Knut M. Wittkowski

    October 21, 2022 at 2:23 pm

    The task scheduler needs to be run as an Administrator. Otherwise a dialog box opens to enter a user and password, but finding some user/password combination that is accepted can be difficult or impossible.

  2. Chrysa

    October 23, 2022 at 4:20 am

    didn’t work for me…any thoughts why?

  3. rychie

    January 1, 2023 at 1:47 am

    about the account for which to run the task — you must be admin to do this. if your account is setup as just a plain old user [and not with admin rights] then you will not be able to save the task.

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