Make Your Website Do the Harlem Shake

Whether you want the Harlem Shake meme to die or not, there’s a ton of different renditions of it. Here’s how to make your website or any site do the dance.

Update: This site is no longer active. But it was fun while it lasted! Whether you’re sick of it or not, the Harlem Shake YouTube is a huge and still exploding meme on the internet. At the time of this writing, the original video has 28 Million views. There’s been essentially any and every spoof of the song in all sorts of varieties on YouTube. Well, now you can make a website do it too.

Just head to Harlem Shake for the Website. Type in your website or the site you want to do the Harlem Shake, and click Shake It. Then watch your website do its own Harlem Shuffle.

HS Shake

Here’s an example of doing it for groovyPost (I purposely left out the nausea of the song), but you get the idea. Your site dances, and you get to hear the song as well.

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