How To Make The Tor Browser Portable

Having the Tor browser on a flash drive allows for increased burnability and portability. Here’s how to put it on a USB drive and make it portable.

Making the Tor Browser portable is as simple as having a flash drive. Making the device that allows you to bring the Tor Browser anywhere helps further anonymity as well, as none of the information of what you did each session is stored anywhere but on the flash drive. Once you’re done using Tor you simply unplug the device and all the information is gone. The session is over.

In this article, I’ll be covering how to install and run Tor from a removable flash drive. This allows for greater protection from potential dangers while using Tor. Making Tor portable can also give you greater flexibility on where you use Tor and what you’re using Tor for.

Tor can be installed for almost any OS. This article will discuss how to install it mainly for Windows, but it will also instruct you to make sure you have the other installs ready to use just in case the device you want to use Tor on is not Windows. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a good understanding of how to install and run Tor from a flash drive, making your Tor experience portable.

Downloading Tor To Flash Drive

First, you’ll want to navigate to the Tor website. Here there will be downloads for all the different OS’s out there. I’d recommend downloading the installs for all of them and installing the one you for your current operating system. I installed the Windows version and put the others onto the flash drive just in case I wanted to use Tor on another OS.

The Windows version here is already installed and ready to be run


Once you have the installs on your flash drive, you’ll want to run the executable depending on the OS you’re currently operating on. This will install the Tor client onto the flash drive, making it able to run on any device that has the OS you installed it on.

You’ll need to run these executables depending on the OS you’re on.

If you want to run Tor on a different OS, make sure you have the install for that OS on the flash drive. You’ll then want to plug in the flash drive into the new device and run the install on that device.

Running Tor

Once you’ve completed the install, you’ll be able to disconnect the flash drive from your current device. To run Tor on another device, all you have to do is connect the flash drive to the new device, open up the drive, and run Tor.

To run all you need to do is double click on Start Tor Browser

You’ll need to make sure that you run the install for each new OS you use. These installs should be saved on the flash drive no matter what device you use, however, you’ll only be able to run the Tor browser for the OS you currently have running.

To understand how to navigate Tor, I’d recommend checking out this article. It explains exactly what Tor is and how to use it. It also goes further in-depth on how to run to and utilize it best. I’d also recommend checking out this article to understand the dangers of using Tor and what to avoid.


Tor is an amazing tool that can be incredibly useful when used correctly. It allows for a broader range of connections and a more free version of the internet. Tor has brought about amazing opportunities for internet users and gives those who otherwise can’t see parts of the internet a way to access it. It’s important to understand how to use Tor and why it’s so important. It’s also useful to understand different ways you can utilize this resource, and make it even more anonymous than it already is.

With this article, I hope I’ve shown you another way to further your anonymity while using Tor. Having it on a flash drive allows for increased burnability and portability. With this, you can easily access the deeper part of the internet anywhere you go. All you need is a flash drive and the browser! I hope this article helps those who need to be able to access Tor on the go, or maybe those who don’t have one device they can always use to get on Tor. Having a browser like Tor in your pocket at all times is an incredibly useful tool. Use it wisely!

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