How to Make Someone a Mod on Discord

How to Make Someone a Mod on Discord

If you run a Discord server that’s growing in members, it might be time to learn how to make someone a mod. We show you exactly how.

Discord has become a digital melting pot where folks from around the globe gather to celebrate their shared obsessions. Whether it’s crafting epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns or passionately debating the best way to make a sandwich, there’s probably a Discord server (or twelve) for it. As these digital havens swell with eager chatterboxes, the demand for top-notch moderation skyrockets faster than a cat video goes viral. Why? Because someone’s gotta keep the peace in this wild, wild web of ours. This makes it essential to know how to make someone a mod on your Discord server.

The Purpose of Mods on Discord Servers

Enter the unsung heroes of the internet age: the moderators. These brave souls don their digital capes to tackle the Herculean task of rule enforcement, dispute settlement, and creating a cyber utopia where everyone plays nice in the sandbox. Their duties and powers include making sure everyone plays nice, breaking up the occasional emoji fight, and spreading good vibes like digital confetti.

From crafting the perfect custom role that screams “I’m the boss, but a cool boss,” to juggling permissions and doling out duties, this guide is your golden ticket to becoming the Gandalf of your Discord server — wise, respected, and capable of keeping the trolls at bay.

Let’s embark on this noble quest to keep our digital realms safe, inclusive, and overflowing with good vibes.

How to Create a Mod Role on Discord

Right, but let’s pump the brakes just a bit because there’s one thing you must do before you can mod someone on Discord. First, you’ll have to create the moderator role in the first place.

  1. In the Discord app, click or tap your server icon, then Settings > Roles.
    Click Discord server settings
  2. Select New Role, if you don’t already have a moderator role.
    Create role
  3. On the next screen, you can personalize your moderator role’s name, color, icon, and other options.
    Set role display settings
  4. Once you’ve finished the display settings, choose Permissions.
    Click Permissions
  5. Customize the permissions you want your moderator role to have, then select Save Changes.

Discord makes it easy to specify exactly what a moderator role can and cannot do, and there are lots of menus and options to navigate through. From creating channels to setting up soundboards, there’s permission for just about everything.

You should familiarize yourself with all of the available permissions, but there are a few recommended permissions all mods should have.

Recommended Permissions for a Mod Role

  • Kick Members
  • Ban Members
  • Timeout Members
  • Manage Messages
  • Manage Threads
  • Read Message History

How to Give Someone Your Custom Moderator Role on Discord

Now that you’ve created the role for your moderators, you can assign members to it. Here’s how.

  1. From the Roles page in your server settings, click the Members icon.
    Click Members icon
  2. Next, select Add Members to access a list of all of your Discord server’s users.
    Choose Add Members
  3. Choose which of your Discord server members you want to make mods. When done, click or tap Add in the bottom right of the dialog.
    Select members and click add

That’s it, the selected members are now faithful guardians of your online community. They wield the power to safeguard your server’s population from cyber bullies, trolls, and other ill-meaning villains.

If you later need to remove the mod role from one of your members, that’s quite easy. Just return to the Members setting for the role and click the X icon next to the one no longer fit to serve in that capacity.

Remove mod role from person

Grant the Power Wisely

In Discord, making someone a moderator is like naming them to the Kingsguard or the City Watch. These digital peacekeepers are the unsung heroes who keep the chat world spinning. Imagine them as the referees of the internet playground, blowing the whistle on any online shenanigans.

Picking the right folks for this gig is crucial — they’re the ones keeping trolls at bay. With a squad of top-notch moderators, your Discord server turns into a buzzing beehive of happy chatters where everyone can share cat GIFs and geek out in perfect harmony!

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