Make Your iPhone or iPod Touch Turn Off Music When You Sleep

If you want to listen to music for a short amount of time as you fall asleep, you can set up the timer to shut down your iPhone or iPad.

If you use your iPhone or iPod touch to play music or watch a video to fall asleep – make it turn off automatically. Here’s how to put your media on a timer and shut down after a certain amount of time.

Make iPhone Stop Playing When You Sleep

First, tap the Clock icon and select the Timer feature. Tap on the When Timer Ends button.


Next, scroll to the bottom and select Sleep iPod. Then tap the Set button.

When Timer Ends

Set the timer for how long you want the media to play and tap Start.

Set Timer

The Timer will start counting down.


Click the Home button to close out of the timer. Now start playing your music, video, podcast, or online radio and drift off.


After the timer reaches zero, your device will go to sleep. Cool!



  1. Shaina

    I play music all the time at night and I had NO idea this was here. Awesome Tip!

  2. Brian Burgess

    Thanks Shaina! Yes, I use it all the time now.

  3. Paplap

    Nice but what if you want your iPhone to also wake you up. I for example use the app sleep cycle.

  4. -

    It’s a excellent look over in my circumstances, Have to tell you that you’ll be possibly the best webmasters THAT I possibly watched. Many thanks for the purpose of writing this short article.

  5. Anne

    Thanks, this is really terrific.

  6. Solace Creat

    Dude. I’ve had this ipod mini for like 8 years, and I never knew this. And I’ve actively looked for a sleep timer on it and the web, too. D: ….I’ve been listening to audio books before I fall asleep, but they’re like 15-25 hours long, so it always drains my battery to nothing after one night, even though I only listen to like 20 minutes of it. You just saved me a ton of trouble. Thanks. :D

  7. Brian W

    Crap! Unfortunately, when I scroll down on my IPod Touch it says “When Timer Ends”, not “Sleep IPod”.
    Bought it in 2015. Probably a yr before they came out with this upgrade. Lol.

    • Bernie Foley

      I didn’t have sleep iPod either but “stop playing” pauses what your listening to and takes you to the home screen just make sure your auto lock (the thing that turns off your phone after a certain time) is set to something short

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