Make Chrome Display the Full URL in the Address Bar

Google Chrome recently started hiding the full URL in the address bar of the sites you visit. It now hides the “https://” and “WWW” part of the link you are visiting. Some users might not even notice the change, but power users do. And if you’re annoyed by the change and would rather see the full length of a URL, there is a hidden flag in Chrome you can enable.

If you want to see the full link of the page you are visiting and not Google’s shortened up version, here’s how to change it.

Show Full URL in Chrome Address Bar

To make Chrome display the full URL in the address bar, first launch the browser. Then type the following into the address bar:


Next, change the “Context menu show full URLs” flag to Enabled. Note that for the change to go into effect you will also need to relaunch Chrome.

When Chrome comes back you just need to right-click anywhere in the URL box and select “Always show full URLs” from the dropdown menu.

That’s all there is to it. Now when you are browsing the web, the full URL will display for the sites you are visiting. If you want to change it back just go and uncheck the “Always show full URLs” from the menu. Or you can go back in and switch the hidden “Context menu show full URLs” flag back to Disabled.

There are some interesting things you can do with Chrome by enabling or disabling certain flags. For example, check out our articles on how to enable tab groups or how to disable Chrome’s tab hover cards. Or, to clean things up on the browser with Chrome version 76 or above, read our article on how to combine Chrome extensions with the extensions toolbar menu.

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