How to Make a Calendar in Word

An example calendar

Want to create your own calendar? You can create a calendar with images or text in Word using templates or your own design. This guide will explain how.

Do you struggle to find a calendar that’s in the format that you want? Do you wish you had more space on your calendar or a different layout? If so, making your own calendar in Word could be a good option.

You can choose to create a calendar completely from scratch, or you can speed up the process by making use of one of the pre-set calendar templates that come included with the word processing application.

Ready to get started? You can create a calendar in Word the way you want it by following the steps below.

How to Make a Calendar in Word Using Tables

If you want to create a calendar that exactly meets your specifications, you can do everything from scratch using tables in Word. This allows you to design the exact layout that you want for your calendar.

To create a calendar in Word using tables:

  1. Open a new Word document.
  2. Press Enter a few times to move the cursor down the page.
  3. Click the Insert menu.
    excel insert menu
  4. In the ribbon, click the Table icon.
    excel insert table
  5. Click and hold the top-left square and drag out a 7×6 table.
    excel create table
  6. Fill in the days of the week in the top row.
    excel days of the week
  7. Fill in the dates of the month, using another calendar as a reference.
    excel dates of the month
  8. Highlight any dates that are outside the current month.
  9. In the Home menu, click the Text Color icon and select a gray color.
    excel font color
  10. Repeat for any other dates outside the current month.
    excel gray dates
  11. Click the Insert menu.
    excel insert menu
  12. Click the Text Box icon and select Simple Text Box.
    excel insert text box
  13. Use the handles of the text box to drag out the text box to match the width of your table. You may need to move your table to get the text box to fit at the size you want.
    excel resize text box
  14. Enter the text you want for the title of your calendar page.
    excel calendar title
  15. In the Home menu, use the font tools to select the size and style of font you want for the text in your calendar.
    excel font tools
  16. When you are happy with your work, save your file. If you want to create more, move on to creating the next month.
    excel completed calendar

How to Make a Calendar in Word Using Templates

If all of the above feels a bit too much like hard work, and you want to create a calendar with just a few clicks, you can use Word templates. There are pre-set calendar templates that can help you create your own calendar in a matter of moments.

To make a calendar using Word templates:

  1. Open a new document.
  2. Click New and type Calendar into the search box.
    excel new template
  3. Select one of the calendar templates.
    excel calendar templates
  4. Click Create.
    excel create template
  5. Select the month and date you want for your calendar.
    excel calendar dates
  6. Click Themes to choose from the list of themes for your calendar.
    excel template themes
  7. To select from a range of different color themes, click Colors.
    excel color themes
  8. Click Fonts to choose the fonts for your calendar.
    excel template fonts
  9. If you need to change the dates to a different month, click Select New Dates.
    excel select new dates
  10. Choose the month and year that you want to change to.
    excel new dates
  11. When you’re happy with your calendar, save your file. You can then repeat the process for other months if you wish.
    excel finished calendar

Get Creative with Word

Learning how to make a calendar in Word is just one way you can use the popular spreadsheet application for far more than just text documents.

For example, you can insert and edit images in Word. You can make those images transparent when you’re creating flyers, and compress images in Word to keep your file size down. It’s even possible to rotate text in Word to make your documents even more creative.

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