Google+: Lock or Block Comments on Your Posts

Lock or Block comments on google+ post

An appealing feature of Google+ is the ability to completely lock down items you post. Here’s how to lock down a post and prevent it from being shared.

The first method is locking down the post before you share it. Start by typing your post in Google+. Select who to share it with, then click the small arrow in the right corner to bring up the security features menu.

google+ open options menu

Two options come up – Disable Comments and Lock This Post. Disabling comments is straight forward – people won’t be able to comment on the post, but can still reshare and +1 it. Locking down a post blocks people from resharing it with others or mention people you haven’t shared it with.

To lock it, click Lock This Post.

google+ open options menu lock this post

Then click Okay, Lock It.

google+ open options menu lock this post confirmation

A pad lock icon will appear after locking it.

Note: You can unlock the post by clicking the pad lock again before sharing it.

Google+ locked post padlock

To share a post click the Share button.

Google+ Share Post

To lock down a post after you’ve already shared it, click the down arrow to open the options menu.

google+ open options menu on post

Either click Disable Comments or Lock This Post.

google+ lock this post

If you change your mind after the post has been shared, simply click the down arrow again and select Unlock This Post or Enable Comments.

google+ unlock this post

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