How to Keep Your Kids Safe When Using TikTok

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If your kids want to download TikTok or already have, we have the resources you need to help keep them safer when using the app.

As a parent or guardian, you know how difficult it can be to keep a teen safe when they’re online or using apps on their device. And with a social video platform like TikTok, you likely have concerns ranging from the content they see to the amount of time they spend using the app.

With this in mind, TikTok has implemented a “refreshed Safety Center” to address concerns, answer questions, and guide you toward meaningful discussions with your teen. Using features like Family Pairing, resources like the Guardian’s Guide, and much more, you have tools to help you keep your kids safe when they use TikTok.

Family Pairing on TikTok

Let’s start off with a feature right within the app called Family Pairing. With this tool you can connect to your child’s account and configure various options.

  • Comments: Decide who can comment on your child’s videos.
  • Direct Messages: Turn direct messaging on or off and decide who can send messages.
  • Discoverability: Set your child’s account to Public where everyone can see their content or Private where they decide who can see it.
  • Liked Videos: Decide who can see the videos your child liked.
  • Restricted Mode: Restrict content that you find inappropriate for your child.
  • Screen Time Management: Set limits on the amount of time your child can spend on TikTok every day, on each device they use the app.
  • Search: Decide what your child can search for such as users, content, and hashtags.
  • Suggest to Others: Decide if your child’s account can be recommended to other users.

How to Set up Family Pairing

To set up Family Pairing in TikTok, open the app and follow these steps to get started.

  1. Go to the Me tab at the bottom.
  2. Access your settings by tapping the three dots on the top right of your profile.
  3. Select Family Pairing and tap Continue.
  4. Choose who is using the account and tap Next.
  5. Follow the subsequent prompts to scan the code provided and link the accounts.

Select Family Pairing in Settings on TikTok

Once the accounts are linked, head back to the Family Pairing section of your settings, select the account you want to manage, and then adjust the controls described earlier.

TikTok Safety Center

TikTok offers many online resources and guides to help take safety for kids further. Here are just a few areas of TikTok’s Safety Center that you may find helpful.

Safety Center, TikTok Online

Guardian’s Guide

One great place to start is with the Guardian’s Guide. This provides basics on TikTok, links to internal resources like Community Guidelines and the Privacy Policy, and links to external resources like the National Parent Teacher Association and

Bullying Prevention

This section walks you and your teen through the basics of identifying bullying behavior. Review steps to take for prevention or handling an uncomfortable situation. You’ll also find external resources like the Cyberbullying Resource Center and

Suicide and Self-Harm

Learn how TikTok supports the community and what policies it has in place. You’ll also find a list of help lines by country if someone you know is experiencing an emotional struggle.

Approach to Safety and Privacy and Security

These areas are important for every age, not just a teen. Find out how information is collected and stored, learn about privacy controls, get suggestions to keep your account secure, and see how to report a problem.

This isn’t the extent of TikTok’s Safety Center. You’ll also find articles and guides related to COVID-19, Election Integrity, a New User’s Guide, and TikTok Safety Partners.

Take the Time to Keep Your Kids Safe on TikTok

With the number of resources and tools available, it doesn’t take a lot of time to review ways to keep your child safe when using TikTok. Whether you set up Family Pairing or start discussions about privacy and security, spend a few moments checking out this information for your family.

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