How to Keep Your Windows 10 Notifications on Screen Longer

Ever seen a Windows 10 notification slip away from the screen out of the corner of your eye and thought: “Wait! I didn’t read that yet!” If so, then you’re in luck: there’s an easy way to buy yourself some more time to act on those fleeting notifications.

Windows 10 notifications play a significant role in keeping you informed about what’s happening within the system. Whether it’s an upcoming calendar event, an incoming email message, or even detection of a malicious threat, the Windows 10 notifications that pop up in the bottom-right of the screen are your first indication that something needs attention.

In Windows 10, these notifications are part of the new Action Center, a centralized location for managing incoming notifications. By default, notifications will pop up for a few quick seconds then disappear. Instead of breaking your current activity to review that notification in detail, you can configure notifications to appear a little bit longer on screen.

Display Notifications for Longer Time in Windows 10

Click Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Other options. Click on the “Show notifications for” list box, then choose an appropriate time interval. You can choose from 5 seconds, 7 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes.


That’s it; your notifications will no longer be quite as fleeting.

If you set a long notification display time, like 30 seconds or more, you can dismiss notifications by clicking the X in the top-right.

If you want to make further adjustments to your notification behavior, check out our previous article for instructions. Another related system-wide setting you should check out too is managing autoplay settings. This lets you control the behavior when connecting removable storage devices such as a USB thumb drive or inserting an optical disc.

For more Windows 10 Action Center tweaks, check out the articles linked below.



  1. Wayne Ruppersburg

    Great helpful tip Andre…thanks. I always thought these notifications were too short in duration for me to acknowledge them fully. A person can also dismiss these notifications by clicking the X in the top-right message box is also helpful. Good work!

  2. Henry

    Andre…Might you address an additional issue with notifications please….
    On my system, when we click to pop out the action center, it immediately retracts back into the left screen edge. Often it retracts even before becoming fully extended…Horrible behavior….

    • Henry

      Correction……..RIGHT screen edge……

      • Andre Da Costa

        I notice that too, maybe its something you can report in the Feedback app in Windows 10

        • Henry

          Don’t know how to do that…

  3. Ivan Berger

    On my system, no “options” to click on, but Notification duration is under “Make it easier to focus on tasks.”

  4. Keith Le

    Thanks Andre. your helpful tip for me. Windows 10 notifications alway remind me about what’s happening within the system

  5. Brent

    This is no longer accurate, at least not for Windows 10 Home, build 19043.1288 (21H1). It’s in Settings > Ease of Access > Display, under “Simplify and personalize Windows”.

  6. peter

    Thanks Brent, was looking all over for that

  7. joe

    5 minutes is the maximum? Do you know if there is a way to persist notifications until I acknowledge them?

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