Use iOS Media Remote App for Sony Streaming Player (SMP-N200)

The cool thing with all of the set top streaming media boxes I cover, they have an iOS or Android remote app. Here’s one for the Sony Streaming Player (SNO-N200).

The cool thing with all of the set-top streaming media boxes I cover is an iOS or Android remote app. This is a lot easier than having a drawer full of remote controls. Here’s how to use the Media Browser Remote on iOS for the Sony Streaming Player (SNO-N200).

Sony Streaming Player iOS App

First, download and install Media Remote app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Then tap the icon to launch it. Out of the box, it provides a demo remote that you can use to get used to its features. It’s not a tutorial but a fully interactive version of the remote.

If you’re new to the Media Remote, it’s a good idea to click through it for a few minutes to get used to where everything is.

Launch iCon Demo

After you’re used to the Media Remote, pair it up with your Sony Streaming Player.

On the Media Remote App, go to the Device screen. You should see the Sony Player listed. Click on it. That brings you to the Add Registration screen.

Devices add registration

Then on your Sony Player, go to Setup >> Network Settings >> Media Remote Device Registration.

Remote Device Registration

Then select Start Registration.

Start Registration

The Sony Player begins searching your network for the device with the Media Remote App. At the same time, it’s searching to tap the Registration button on your device. I had to do this twice for the player to detect it. Your mileage may vary.

Searching for Device

After the remote is detected, you’ll see the following Settings screen. Here is where you can make adjustments to how the remote behaves with your streaming player.

Remote Registered

On your Sony Player screen, you’ll see the device has been successfully registered. Select Finish.

Device Registered Success

Now you can begin using your iDevice as a remote control for your Sony Streaming Player.

navigation Media Remote keyboard web

Media remote is intuitive and easy to use. The biggest advantage is the ability to use the iOS on-screen keyboard when typing is required. For instance, if you’re using the Web Browser application.


Or when logging into services like YouTube or Netflix.

Logging In

Much easier than using the standard remote the box comes with and using the on-screen keyboard.

onscreen for youtube

The Media Remote is created by Sony and is free. It works on several devices like the Sony Streaming Player (SMP-N100 and N200) and modern BRAVIA TV or Blu-ray Player models. It doesn’t work with the PlayStation 3, though.

Sony Products Compatible

Here’s a list of compatible products according to Sony.

Blu-ray Disc™/DVD Player: BDP-S370,S470, S570, S770, S1700, BX37, BX57, S380, S480, S580, S780, BX38, BX58, S390, S490, S590, S790, BX39, BX59
Blu-ray Disc™/DVD Home Theater System: BDV-IZ1000W, HZ970W, E970W, E870, E770W, E670W, E570, E470, E370, T57, F7, F700, F500, E985W, E980W, E980, E880, E780W, E580, E380, T58, L800M, L800, L600, N990W, N890W, N790W, N590, E690, E490, E385, E390, E290, E190, NF720, NF620, EF420, EF220, T79, T39
Streaming Player/Network Media Player: SMP-N100, SMP-N200
AV Receiver: STR-DN1020
BRAVIA: KDL-HX920 series, KDL-HX92 series, HX82 series, HX72 series, NX72 series, EX72 series, EX62 series, EX52 series, EX42 series, EX32 series, CX52 series, HX85 series, HX75 series, EX65 series, EX55 series
Sony Internet TV: NSX-24GT1, NSX-32GT1, NSX-40GT1, NSX-46GT1, NSZ-GT1



  1. mj

    How can you get it to connect if the player is powered off tho, and you’ve lost your remote?

  2. Keith

    The app seems to be discontinued

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