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If you’ve played the original NES Mario game, then you’re probably going to love this new flash game that came out on Wednesday.  That’s right; it’s the original Mario NES in your browser but with a twist.  They’ve brought in a roundhouse cast of other famous Nintendo characters.

Super Mario Crossover by explodingRabbit is a fun browser based flash game that allows you to play through the old (and great) 1985 Super Mario Bros NES.  However they’ve thrown in a changeup, and now you can play through the game using the looks and abilities of five other Nintendo favorites:  Link, Bill R, Simon, Mega Man, and Samus Aran.


Where are these guys from?

CharacterOriginal Game
MarioIt’s his game to begin with!
LinkThe Zelda Series
Bill RizerThe Contra Series
Simon BelmontThe Castlevania Series
Mega ManThe Mega Man Series
Samus AranThe Metroid Series

Super Mario Crossover character selection and Control list

Picking a character is easy, and the game has instructions along the way, but there isn’t any manual for it, so I’ve done my best here to list all of the controls for every character in the game.  Note that all attacks will take out blocks just as if you were hitting them with your head as Mario.



Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move.  Mario is the only character that can run, but he doesn’t have any extra special abilities.


X Key

Z Key

Up Key

Down Key

S Key

MarioHold to Run (or Fireball)Jump
LinkSword AttackzJumpSlice UpSlice DownBoomerang
Bill RizerLong Range Gun AttackJumpAim UpProne
SimonShort Range Whip AttackJump (double Jump)CrouchThrow Axes
Mega ManShoot (Hold to Power-up)JumpHold+Z to Slide
SamusShoot (or bomb while in ball form)Jump (or slide while holding down)Aim UpEnter Ball Form


Contra guy in Super Mario Crossover  proned

Super Mario Crossover megaman blasting koopas



Have fun this weekend sniping Goombas and blasting Flying Koopas! Already played the game?  Tell us what you thought in the comments section below!

Play Super Mario Crossover [via]



  1. KoopaKing

    NICE! Had a lot of fun playing this one, who would have thought I could play mario in my browser, let alone have extra “PWN” characters in it.

    There is Nothing quite like sniping goombas! I tell ya!

    • MrGroove

      @KoopaKing – Yeah the flash app really took me down memory lane. I’m glad it was a Friday because I blew about an hour on that game hehehe.

      BTW – love the name ;)

  2. Kalyan

    awesome find man

    • MrGroove

      @Kalyan – Yeah… I wasted a few minutes on this one.. (60). what about you?

      • Kalyan

        I plan to waste abt an hour everyday for the next few weeks.. :)

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