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Improve Your Workflow with These Internet Browsing Tips

Every day, millions of people turn on powerful combinations of software and hardware to… browse the internet. If you’ve seen one of the first Chromebook commercials, this probably sounds a bit cliché to you, but after all it is true. So how can you speed up your workflow and get around the web more efficiently? Here are a few tips you might not know about.

Dragging Tabs Out of Windows

You can easily convert tabs into windows by dragging them out of their current window. If you do this while maximized, the new window will also fill the screen. Do it restored, and the new window will be the exact same size as the first one.

Snapping Left and Right to Compare

If you’re on the web hunting for a new phone or gadget, you’ll need to compare specs very often. The fastest way to do this is to drag one tab out of the window (like we showed you above) and then snap each window to the side. You can do this with Win + ← and Win + →.

By the way, if you’re on Windows 10 you won’t even have to snap the second window. Windows will automatically suggest what to snap on the side and you can simply click on your preferred window.

Shift+Click Pinned Icon to Create a New Window

You probably already know that Ctrl+N creates a new window. But in Windows 7 (or newer), you can Shift+Click pinned apps to open a second instance of them. This tip works for all pinned apps on Windows 7 and higher, so use it to your advantage.

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  1. cooper August 10, 2015 at 2:12 pm #

    Great article by Stefan. That’s why I wait for your emails everyday. Keep up the good work!

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