How to Install Windows 10 on OS X in VMware Fusion 8

If you own an Intel-based Macintosh, there are a number of ways you can run Windows 10 on your computer. Here’s how to use VMware Fusion 8 to run it.

Installing VMware Tools

After installing Windows 10, the performance might be noticeably weak. One of the first pop-ups you will see within Windows is the need for a Display Driver, and this is where VMware Tools come in.

VMware Tools will install necessary software drivers that will take advantage of the hardware such as CPU and graphics enhancing the performance and experience of the virtual machine.

VMTools 1

Click the Virtual Machine menu then click Install VMware Tools and kick off the installer.

VMTools 2

When AutoPlay comes up, select the option to run the tools.

VMTools 4

Follow the on-screen instructions to install VMware Tools, items might appear small on screen. You can resize the VM window to scale them. The size discrepancy is only temporary, after installation and restart, items will automatically appear larger based on the resolution you set.

VMTools 5

In our next article, we look at setting up a custom virtual machine, recommended if you want to install an alternative such as Linux or an older version of Windows.

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    any idea of why am I getting death blue screen when restarting after installation?

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    How much space does both the VMware Fusion and Windows 10 take up on the disk?

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