How to Install the Ubuntu Software Center

How to Install the Ubuntu Software Center

When you want to add software to your Liux computer, sometimes you want an easy way. Here’s how to install the Ubuntu Software Center.

There are several ways to install new software on your Ubuntu PC. Probably the easiest way is using the graphical app Ubuntu Software. From time to time, though, you might learn this front-end to the package management system is missing. So, let’s look at how to install the Ubuntu Software app if you can’t find it on your computer.

Installing Ubuntu Software Using Apt

As a Debian-based Linux distribution, Ubuntu uses the Apt package management system by default. You may have migrated to the newer Snap package manager, but if not, don’t worry. You can install Ubuntu Software without changing a thing.

To Install Ubuntu Software Using Apt

The apt package for the GUI is called Gnome Software. Ubuntu labels its app icon as just Software.

  1. Open the Terminal app to get to the command line.
  2. Make sure your PC has the latest information about available software packages by running:
    sudo apt update -y

    apt update

  3. Install the Gnome Software Center with this command:
    sudo apt install gnome-software -y

    apt install gnome software

Once installation finishes, you’ll find the Software icon in the Applications menu.

gnome software icon

Making the Switch to Snap

Of course, you may decide the time is ripe to switch to the newer Snap package management system. Snap is a modern contender, offering a versatile format that brings heightened isolation and adaptability to the world of software distribution.

With Snap, packages are self-contained, including not only the software you are looking for but also its dependencies and libraries, sandboxed to heighten security.

Most modern Ubuntu versions include Snap preinstalled, but it’s easy to install if it isn’t.

How to Install Snap in Ubuntu

  1. In Terminal, update your apt software repositories using:
    sudo apt update
  2. Install the snapd package from Terminal:
    sudo apt install snapd
  3. Log out and then log back in to ensure your computer correctly updates all the proper paths.

Once you’re sure snapd is installed, you can install the Snap Store. This will give you a graphical app to browse, install, and update Ubuntu software. This one, fittingly, will be called Ubuntu Software.

To Install Ubuntu Software Using Snap

  1. Launch Terminal, if it isn’t running already.
  2. Issue the command:
    sudo snap install snap-store
    snap install snap-store

The installation should only take a few moments. Once finished, you’ll find the Ubuntu Software icon in Applications.

Ubuntu Software Center Icon

Apt or Snap, Which to Choose?

Which package manager you decide to use, Apt or Snap, depends on your own unique requirements and the software you need to use. The beauty of it all is that you’re not limited to just one option. In fact, you could easily embrace both. Software available through Apt is usually also obtainable using Snap, and vice versa.

That being said, you should consider the hardware constraints you may have. Snap will gladly install libraries multiple times for different packages using them. If you worry about disk space more than you do keeping your apps isolated from each other, Apt may be a wiser choice.



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