How To Install and Sync Google Fonts on Windows

If you use a lot of fonts in your work, Google now provides an easy way to download and sync over 1,000 of them. Google says installing them locally will speed up your browsing too.

If you can’t get enough fonts on your Windows system, Google now provides an easy way to download and install over 1,000 of them. These fonts are free, open source, and Google claims that sites that use these fonts will load faster.

According to the Google Developers Blog:

And with the fonts installed locally, browsing websites that use web fonts will be faster, since your browser won’t have to spend time fetching font data.

Download and Install Google Fonts

First download the SkyFonts tool for Windows or Mac.


Extract the zip file and run the SkyFonts installer. It requires .NET Framework 4.0 which you’ll be prompted to download and install if you don’t have it already.

install .net

One caveat to keep in mind is you’ll need to create a free account with for the ability to download and sync new fonts from the app. If you don’t want to create an account and use SkyFonts, you can download fonts directly via the Google Code project.

start free plan

SkyFonts runs in the background to make sure you have the latest updates. To add new Google fonts to your collection, right click the icon that lives on the Taskbar and go to Choose Fonts > Google Fonts.

SkyFonts System Tray

Your default browser will open to the collection where you can browse through and add them to your collection. It would be nice if there were a way to download them all at once, but still, if you use a lot of fonts during the day, this gives you a lot more options.

Add Fonts

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