How to Install a microSD Card in Roku Ultra for Additional Storage

Have a Roku box with lots of channels and games, installing a microSD card makes using them easier since they don’t need to be redownloaded all the time.

We recently took a look at the Roku Ultra (2018) model, which provides quality 4K viewing, tons of content, and a private listening remote. It also allows you to increase its storage. In fact, of the current line of Roku devices, only the Ultra still has a MicroSD slot. The sticks, like the Roku Express, don’t support microSD cards.

Adding additional storage allows channels, games, and screensavers to load faster. This is because your Roku deletes the channels and games you rarely use to make room for new ones as you add them. You will still see your channel and game icons, but some will need to re-download first. So, the more drive space you have, the more it can cache on your Roku unit.

Note, the microSD card will only store games, channels, and screensavers. You won’t be able to view any content from it like you can by connecting a USB drive.

You can use any microSD card you have lying around. Maybe you have one in an older phone or tablet you no longer use. For this article, I took a 32GB card out of an old Windows Phone that’s been collecting dust. These cards are very affordable these days, and you certainly don’t need one as large as the one I’m using here. For example, a simple 2GB microSD card will hold over 50 games. And games take up more space than channels, so a spare 2GB card should be more than enough for an average user. However, if you don’t have a spare, Samsung is selling a 32GB microSD card right now for just under $10 on Amazon. It appears to be on sale, so you might want to grab it while you can.

Install a microSD Card in Roku Ultra (Or Older Boxes)

1 – If you have your card, start by installing the card in the back of the Roku Ultra. Insert the microSD card into the slot below the HDMI port.

2 – Your Roku will detect the card, and you need to choose the Format option from the menu.

3 – Next, select Continue to verify you want to format the card, which will erase all the data on it.

4 – Wait while the microSD card is formatted to be compatible for use with Roku OS. The amount of time it takes will vary depending on the size of your card but should only take a couple of minutes. When it’s done, select OK.

Format microSD Card Roku Ultra Complete

5 – That’s all there is to it. To track the amount of space being used on your card, head to Settings> System > About, and you will see it displayed on the System info page.

Roku_Ultra System Info MicroSD Card

Of course, you can also add a microSD card to older Roku models that have a slot. The process is the same, insert the card and follow the onscreen instructions as outlined above. If you install many channels, screensavers, and games, it’s nice to have the extra storage as it helps keep the overall experience fast and responsive.

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