How To Insert Online Photos in Office 2013 Documents

The Online Pictures feature in Office 2013 and 365 helps you find that perfect money shot from Flickr, Facebook, or Bing for your documents or presentation.

Finding the right image to insert in to Word and PowerPoint document can be challenging at sometimes. You need that perfect picture to really make your point come across. In Office 2013 and 365, you can easily search for pictures from online sources and insert them into your documents. We showed you how to insert and view online videos in Word, and today we take a look at inserting photos from a variety of online sources like Flickr, Facebook, and SkyDrive.

It also lets you search for images using Bing and What’s neat about the Bing search is it only shows images under the Creative Commons License so you don’t have to worry about breaking any copy write rules. Searching clip art from gives you a massive collection of royalty-free images and illustrations that are free to use.

Bing Image Search

Insert Online Photos Office 2013 & 365

For this example I‘m using Word, but it’s the same in PowerPoint and Excel. Click the Insert tab and then Online Pictures.

Insert Online Pictures

That will bring up the following screen where you have a few choices. You can search for the image you’re looking for on Bing or, browse your SkyDrive, or connect to Facebook or Flickr.

Insert Pictures

Here I used Bing Image Search. Click on any image thumbnail to see a larger view of it. Also notice that it shows you the URL of the page it finds the image on.

Larger image Source

If you want to connect your Flickr or Facebook, you’ll need to sign in and give permission for for sharing.


Then you can see all of your photo albums stored in your account, including Timeline photos.

Facebook Albums

Or, here is an example of using SkyDrive. You’ll have access to all of the folders, not just photos or images.


In Office 2010 you can find and insert clip art from too. Just go to Insert > Clip Art and then search for what you need.

Clip Art Word 2010

Having easier to use search options in Office 2013 and Office 365 is awesome for finding that perfect “money shot” for your document or presentation.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kelly Manick

    Using Office 2013, I don’t have the option to search Clip Art when I want to insert an online image. How do I add that option to my listing? I currently only have Bing, flickr, Facebook and the SkyDrive.

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