How To Shorten Long URLs In Firefox and Chrome

If you want to save space in IMs, email, Twitter and other social netowrks URL shorteners are essential. Here’s some good options for Chrome and Firefox.

I use the URL shortener quite a bit, and I find it seriously annoying to always be forced to open the website of the service in a new window. That is why, as the lazy person I am, I found a solution to bring the shortener closer to my fingertips.

The browsers I use most are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, so here are solutions for these two.


In Mozilla Firefox, the extension we’ll be using is called lite, and it’s one that does exactly as advertised. First of all, install it from here. In order to do so, just click Add to Firefox and Allow the extension to install, then click Install Now. lite firefox add

All you need, before actually being able to use the extension, is to let Firefox perform a restart — which is always annoying when installing Firefox extensions. After the restart all you need to do is right-click on a page and select Copy URL for This Page which appears as a new option in the context menu.

The page URL will be copied to your clipboard and ready for you to send to a friend or colleague. lite firefox installed

Google Chrome

If Google Chrome’s your browser of choice, fear not, we have you covered, too. Check out the extension called ShortenMe, also very easy to use. Once installed, you’ll notice a new button in your Chrome toolbar, looking as seen below.

shortenme installed

Once you click said button, the URL of the page you’re viewing is automatically copied to the clipboard, and you’ll also get a QR code which you can scan with one of these apps and open the page directly on your mobile device. Or, another cool extension you can use to shorten URLs in Chrome is URL Shortener.

Chrome URL Shortener

Do you have a favorite URL shortener that you use? Leave a comment and let us know!



  1. carmen

    July 13, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Do these do the same thing as ?
    That was the only one I was aware of before reading this–I like how it gives the option of customizing the link and how it’s instant (no CAPTCHA).

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