How to Import Favorites into Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is finally a viable browser in Windows 10 you might want to start using it and import your Favorites from other browsers.

Since the Windows 10 Anniversary update, Microsoft Edge (the company’s new browser) has been improved quite a bit since the previous builds. And now, with support for extensions, it is a viable alternative to Chrome for Firefox.

Because of this, you might want to start using it and import your Favorites from other browsers. The great thing is Microsoft makes it simple. Here’s how.

Import Favorites into Microsoft Edge from Other Browsers

Launch Edge and open the settings menu in the upper-right corner.


Now, scroll down the menu and click on View favorite settings.


Next, just click the browser(s) that you want to import your Favorites from and then the Import button. The amount of time it takes for them to import will vary, but during my test it took just a second.


While you’re in there, you might want to flip the switch to On to show the Favorites bar for easier access to them.


Do you use Microsoft Edge in Windows 10? Leave a comment section below.



  1. Ian

    When will norton be accepted by Edge

    • dirgster

      That’s the same question I want to ask since I’m using Norton Security with its helpful Identity Safe features and others.

  2. Bob Mundy

    Hi I do use Edge and like it, however after I have imported my favorites from other browsers, I have a big mess, lots of doubles and duplicate folders, one folder inside another. Is there a easy way to fix this. Thanks for a great website, you folks are very helpful.

  3. Joe Rees

    I’ve imported my Favorites into Edge, but the only way I can get to them is through the Hub. The “Favorites Toolbar” still says “Add to the favorites bar by selecting [star] or by getting them from another browser,” with a link to “Import your favorites. Restarting Edge and rebooting Windows have no effect. After several tries, I had “Imported from Firefox,” “Imported from Firefox(2),” “Imported from Firefox(3),” and “Imported from Firefox(4).” I’ve since deleted the duplicates, but the Favories bar still does not recognize it.

    • Brian Burgess

      @Joe: Are you running the latest Anniversary Build?

      • Joe Rees

        Yes, I am.

        I did figure this out, BTW…

        After importing the bookmarks from Firefox (several times!-I deleted the duplicates), I had to go back and MANUALLY move the imported folders onto the Favorites bar, one at a time. It took a few minutes, but it worked.

        Sadly though, I have to report that after playing with Edge for a few days, I decided to go back to Firefox. The Edge interface just seems “rinky-dink” and visually archaic to me. Plus, it’s a lot less intuitive.

  4. Ziggy

    Brian, you seem to be deleting comments that point to programs that maybe of some help to your readers.

    Your call – your site! But can you clarify your sites policy on posting links to (what I believe) could be of assistance to your readers for myself and others.

    I’ve enjoyed the numerous posts on GroovyPost and have been a long time fan. Just some clarification would be greatly appreciated. As always, keep up the good work and look forward to your response.

    • Brian Burgess

      @Ziggy: Generally we’ll delete comments that have links that point to third-party programs we have not been able to test.

      If they are Microsoft programs or ones we have fully vetted, then it will go through.

      Also, our spam filter often will block comments with links automatically.

      We also don’t allow linking to any other sites other than Microsoft or other official sites, i.e., Google, Amazon…

      • Ziggy

        @Brian. Thanks “ol fella!. Got it! Your response is very much appreciated.

        Again, keep up the great work, and, as Homer Simpson would put it (sort of): “What’s the point of going out (somewhere else)? (When) We’re just gonna wind up back here anyway.”

        • Brian Burgess

          @Ziggy we never mean to jerks, but I am sure you see the point.

          Also if you are old enough remember the episode of the Simpsons where Homer says ” Where is the Any Key?” that was another classic…..

          • Ziggy

            @Brian. Stop it! By the way, where is the any key? LOL!

            Anyway, back to the topic at hand. There is a program that can help with managing Edge bookmarks. Its called… Oooops, can’t say until you give me permission!

            Nah, just google “Manage Edge” and, as Homer would say, “I (now) feel like a candy wrapper caught in an updraft!”

  5. Sonjia

    I imported my favorites from IE, and I don’t see them. Don’t even see the star to click on to see favorites at all. Don’t have a clue to see any of them. I will stick with IE as long as I can. I use my favorites a lot and if I can’t see them they are of no use to me.

    • Sonjia

      Forgot to say, I am running Win. 10, Anniversary Update too.

  6. PaulH

    I am new to Groovy Post but love the articles. I have a question with Microsoft Edge, how can I sort the favourites as I used to be able to with Microsoft Explorer? I.E the folders were at the top in alphabetical order then all of the other favourites listed separately were also sorted alphabetically.

    • Steve Krause

      Hi Paul!

      Welcome to the groovyPost! Really glad you’re enjoying the site.

      Sometimes it’s easier to show you instead of just telling ya so I created a quick tutorial on how to sort edge favorites on our Windows 10 Community site. Enjoy!

  7. Ziggy

    @PaulH: Just google “Manage Edge” – Emmet Gray.

  8. John Houghton

    After importing favorites bar from Firefox, (“import successful”) and following all of the instructions in settings, the favorites bar still does NOT appear on my email page in Microsoft Edge as it does in Firefox.
    What next???

  9. John Vlietstra

    Microsoft continues to disappoint with its revisions. This is screwed up. Why can’t we just import a file like we used to be able to? I have a new laptop and I am trying to move my favorites on to it. Can’t do it with this unhelpful Microsoft option. How wants to get into the registry?

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