Import Chrome, IE or Firefox Bookmarks into Legacy Microsoft Edge

If you’re new to Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, you’ll want to bring your bookmarks from other browsers in. Here’s a look at how to import your bookmarks.

Important Update: Microsoft has retired Legacy Edge which originally came with Windows 10. The company is now using its new Chromium-based version that’s available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. For more on the modern version of the browser read about how to sync bookmarks between WIndows 10 with Edge. Or our other article on importing and exporting bookmarks on Edge. Also, note that Microsoft is ending support for IE 11 on June 15th, 2022.

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The new Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 is still a work in progress, but it’s blazing fast compared to IE and other browsers and it has some interesting features. If you recently upgraded to Windows 10, you’re going to want to at least test it out, even if you changed the default browser.

So, if you’re new to Microsoft Edge, you’ll want to bring some of your favorites and bookmarks with you over, too. Here’s a look at how to do exactly that.

Import Bookmarks Into Microsoft Legacy Edge

Launch Microsoft Edge and select the More actions button in the upper-right corner and then choose Settings.

1 Microsoft Edge Settings

Then select the Import favorites from another browser link.

2 Import favs another browser

Currently, the only two browsers that are included for easy import are Chrome and Internet Explorer. Check one or both and then Import.

3 choose browser

It should just take a couple of seconds, and then you’ll find the bookmarks appear under the Favorites section.

4 Favs imported

If you have your bookmarks in folders like you can see I do in the image above, just open them up to access the saved web pages.


Also, if you want to see your Favorites bar, go to Settings and then flip the Show favorites bar switch on.

6 Favorites Bar Microsoft Edge

What About the Firefox Bookmarks?

At the time of this writing, Microsoft Edge doesn’t have the ability to import bookmarks via an HTML file. So what you’ll need to do is export your Firefox bookmarks as an HTML file, then import them into a browser that supports the feature — like Chrome or IE.

Then launch Edge and import the new imported Firefox bookmarks from that browser. For more on that, read our article: How to Transfer Bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome.

7export bookmarks Firefox

Update: Edge now allows you to import bookmarks from Firefox. Head to Settings > General > Import or Export and choose “Firefox Bookmarks” and then hit the Import button.



  1. Don Ebberts

    I imported my Chrome bookmarks into Edge. Chrome must keep all of my deleted bookmarks somewhere because I got numerous bookmarks that I had deleted.
    I tried to organize them in Edge and it quickly became apparent that MS was not serious about their new browser. A 3 year old could have designed a better organization system.
    Due to that and several other features that are severely lacking, I’m sticking with Chrome.
    I did like the Reading List idea though but I can get that with Evernote, so still, no reason to switch.

  2. Nan D

    I have the same problem. Over time I’ve reorganized my Chrome bookmarks, and when I use MS Edge’s Import from… Chrome, it’s picking up an old version, which is neither what’s on my Favorites bar in chrome now, not in the latest export. The export is an html file, and I’d be glad to point Edge to it, but Edge doesn’t give me an option to name the file to import. How can I either shake up Edge so it imports the Favorites as they now appear in Chrome, or point it at the latest html Chrome-export file?

  3. Joseph

    For me it only gives the internet explorer option. It doesn’t even have a place to select Chrome, even though that’s my default browser. What do I need to do so I can select Chrome to import the book marks?
    Thanks in advance

    • Bob

      same for me-only ie

  4. Jordan Wendling

    For me Google Chrome doesn’t even pop up as an option and that’s what I use. Help me please !

  5. Dms

    I have done this process numerous times and have NO… NONE of my bookmarks from Chrome. I’m happy to try Edge, but this process needs to WORK! Any ideas for when Edge says “Imported” but there’s nothing there?

    • Joseph Stalter

      Tell Microsoft about it, and at least give another vote on the problem.

    • Ann Wilson

      Same for me…numerous times, no bookmarks imported even though it says they are. Guess Chrome still has me as of now.

  6. Rai Shahnawaz

    Same problem……nothing imported.

  7. Cheri

    Add me to the list of people that only have IE as a browswer to import from

  8. Mohsen

    What about Android version?
    Importing bookmarks isn’t still available or what?

  9. cyril

    Not working for Firefox!

  10. Larry New

    Microsoft Edge is chromium based and it should import google chrome bookmarks as favorites.

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