How To Use Gmail As A Free Group Chat Client

imageEveryone knows you can use Google Voice for Free conference calls however, did you know the Gmail Chat client has Group Chat built into it?  That’s right, using the Gmail web chat client you can spin up a group chat session and chat with multiple people at the same time in just a matter of seconds.  For me (and the team at groovyPost), this feature was entirely overlooked.  Sure, I saw the phone and the camera button, but I completely missed the Group Chat button until MrGroove pointed it out a few days ago when we had a groovyPost team chat.

So, if you’re the chairman of your companies Party Planning Committee, read on to see how you can spin up a groovy Group Chat session the next time you planning something in the office!

To start using group chat in Gmail, just Click the Add people icon near the top of the chat box while chatting with someone.  The screenshot below is a view of Gmail chat in a pop-out window. You can add as many contacts as you’d like to the chat, which makes this a groovy way to text-conference.

gmail chat from google, add a person

Once you’ve added the person, they’ll show up in the chat and will be able to hear any messages you send.  Note that you’ll be knocked out of off the record chat once your 3rd party enters.

group chat in gmail chat

This feature works in the normal gmail window as well, as shown in the screenshot below.

group chat in-window of gmail


Gmail group chat is an often unused and overlooked feature from Google’s email service.  Thanks to learning about this feature, I can now spam multiple people from a single window.  It’s a win for everyone!!!!

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