How To Use iTunes Ping in Unsupported Countries

iTunes PingThe last time we talked about Ping we explained How-To disable it.  This time I’m going to show you how to get Ping running if your in a country that doesn’t support it (yet…).  That’s right, to date, Ping is only supported in 23 countries and without my groovy trick, if your not in one of those counties, your outta luck.. no surprise since we already know Steve Jobs was evil<smile>

Anyway, so you’re an iTunes user, you want to use Ping Apple’s “Social Network for Music” however you can’t because you live in an unsupported country.  Lucky for you the fix is rather simple so just follow the step-by-step below and Ping will be up and running in no time.

If Ping is available in your country, it will show up in the left sidebar in iTunes.

Ping from iTunes

Still, if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you can’t find it :).  Here’s what to do next.

Step 1 – Enable Ping in your iTunes Install

Goto the iTunes Store on the left sidebar, then scroll all the way to the bottom.

iTunes - Click iTunes Store

Step 2

You will see a country flag (probably yours) on the bottom left side. Click on it.

iTunes - Click Flag

Step 3

Click the United States flagiTunes - Click United State Flag

What do you know, the Ping tab is now in the left sidebar!  DON’T CLICK IT! First we need to setup an account.

iTunes - Don't Click Ping

Step 4 – Create a Ping Account

Click iTunes Store in the left sidebar. Then, on the top menu, Select AppStore.

iTunes - Click iTunes Store to create an account

Step 5

Find a free App in the AppStore.  Doesn’t really matter which you choose just Click whatever app you see first.  From the App’s page Click Free App.  A window like the one below will pop.

Click Create New Account

iTunes - Click Create new account

Step 6

Click Continue on the next screen (not shown) and confirm the terms and condition and privacy policy (after you read it of course) and Click Continue again (not shown).

Fill in your data in the next screen and make sure you put in a valid email. Click Continue when done.

iTunes - enter Email and Password and date

Step 7

Under credit card, Select noneUnder Address, fill in bogus information (if you want) including City, Zip Code and State then Click Continue.

Note: Make sure the zip code, state and city match or you’re in for tons of fun…iTunes - Edit Credit card and address

Step 8 – Verify Email and Login

You will be told that a verification email has been sent to you, so check the email address you used. Click verify e-mail from the email and then sign in with the email and password you used (not shown).

Now return to iTunes and Click Sign In in the top right corner. Use your credentials and sign in.

iTunes - confirm email and login

NOW, your ready to Click Ping in the left sidebar menu of iTunes (not shown) and you will be presented with the option to Turn on Ping.

iTunes - Click Turn on Ping

Ahhh… That was easy wasn’t so bad now was it!

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