How to Disable the Annoying Sprint Notifications on Your Android Phone

Android users who use Sprint as a carrier don’t have it bad, but they have to deal with some annoying built-in software from Sprint. One of the most annoying things about Sprint is that they like to send you almost meaningless notifications. Half the time, the notification will appear for no reason, and other times it is to promote one of their paid services. Are you sick of seeing Sprint on your notification bar? Let’s put an end to it.

Disable Sprint Notifications on Android

Note: The example Android phone used in this tutorial was a Samsung Galaxy S; the steps may vary for your device. Also, this tutorial only applies to Sprint cellular customers.

Step 1

Launch the Dialer (phone) app.  This can usually be done from the dock on the home screen of your Android phone.

launch dialer, android phone

Step 2

Dial *2, then Tap the green call button

dial *2 to access the sprint center on your android phone

Step 3

On the outside of your phone, press the menu button and then tap Settings.

settings for sprint zone

Step 4

Uncheck everything. Okay, maybe that is a little overkill…although it doesn’t hurt to disable everything, you might only want to disable the most annoying of the bunch. Scroll down to Sprint Zone notifications and uncheck the following:

  • My Sprint News
  • Suggested Apps
  • Phone Tips and Tricks

Then at the bottom, tap Set Update Frequency and select Every month. If you still want to receive account updates, make sure to leave “My Sprint” checked.

disable android sprint notificationsset sprint notifications to monthly

Now Sprint notifications will no longer plague your Android phone. I’ve set mine up just as shown in Step 4, and now I only receive important notifications regarding my Sprint account, and they only show up a maximum of once per month.



  1. MrGroove

    Wow…. that sucks. Nice find tho.

  2. Kai Middleton

    Most. Helpful. Advise. EVER. Thanks!!

  3. Allan Watkins

    Excellent – go ahead and take the rest of the day off.

  4. Rhonda A

    Thank you so much for the valuable info! I have stumbled upon some back doors thru being on a shared sprint acct that gave me access I was never able to access before,its been fun because the main acct holder asked sprint how I. Was able to get the access and all they could say was..”she’s obviously done her homework..because we don’t know! Lol..thx for the simple info..its useful as well!

  5. Martin Baker

    Great info. No more frightening alerts! (Our young child, cats and dogs thank you too!)

  6. Jenthura

    I know this is an old post, but could you put up instructions on how to do this with the newer S3?

  7. John Perkins

    I have Notifications unchecked, but I’m still getting notifications to try this or that app. I’m using Sprint Zone version 5.4.052

    • Silver01

      Phone Settings > Apps > Sprint Zone > App Notifications. You can now choose what notifications you receive. Hopefully this will get you what you want. Good Luck!

  8. Ann Marie

    The new A71 does not have that outside menu button. Can you update this? I really want to get rid of these Sprint notifications!

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