How To Test your PC Before Buying That Next Video Game

I’m not a gamer. At least, not anymore. But I still occasionally feel like playing a PC game and, since I don’t upgrade my PC as often as I used to, I like to know if I can run that game before actually paying for the game first (and finding out it doesn’t). One way to find out if you can run it is by actually searching for system specs and comparing them with your own system configuration. But that’s pretty boring so let’s take a look at a much easier method!

The easier way is to just use Can Your Run IT. This website will work for most of the current important games and it will compare your configuration with the game’s requirements. It works easily with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Just click here to go to the Can You Run It website and type the name of the product or search for it in the drop-down list, then click the Can You Run It button, as seen below.

If you are running Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, things will work without a hitch, provided you have the latest Java version.  If you’re running Internet Explorer, there’s one more step to go through. You’ll have to allow the website to run an add-on. You can do that safely.

After that, your system will be analyzed and you’ll get a report that looks something like the one below, telling you if there’s anything you need to worry about or if you can run the respective game.

Easy, isn’t it? And speaking of running stuff in Windows, click here to find out how to run any file type as an administrator in Windows 7 or Vista.



  1. biloo

    March 22, 2011 at 2:49 am

    thank you nice truk

    • Bogdan

      March 22, 2011 at 2:53 am

      You’re most welcome, I’m glad it helped.

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