How to Setup Chrome Sync and Duplicate Your Install Across Multiple Computers

Groovy Guide to Setting up Chrome SyncGoogle Chrome allows a wide variety of customization.  You can install apps, extensions, and themes.  Chrome also remembers bookmarks, preferences, passwords, and autofill information.  All of these features add a lot of convenience to your browsing experience, but it would also be a huge pain if you had to re-personalize Chrome for use on another computer.  That is where the sync feature of Chrome comes in to use, and we’ll set it up in this groovy tutorial.

Step 1

Click the Settings (wrench) button at the top-right of Chrome.  In the drop-down menu Click Options.

Chrome options menu


Step 2

In the left-pane, Click Personal Stuff. Now under the sync area, Click Set up sync

chrome options personal stuff


Step 3

A small pop-up will appear that asks you to sign-in to your Google account.  Keep in mind that whatever account you use to setup sync will also need to be logged in on other computers to sync up the Chrome settings.

login to chrome account for sync


Step 4

You’ll see one last dialog that asks you to confirm.  Click Ok, sync everything.

chrome sync everything


Now Chrome is set up and synched between your computer and the online Google server.  All of your settings, apps, autofill, extensions, passwords, preferences, and themes are backed up to cloud.  Now whenever you add another computer to the sync using the same Google account it will automatically install all of settings above identically.  However, keep in mind if you make any changes to Chrome on any computer while it is synced, it will affect all other synced installations of Chrome.

chrome personal stuff

If you want to change the sync, or prevent Google from backing up certain data you can customize your sync preferences.  Each setting can be changed individually, and you can even add a 2nd layer of encryption (passphrase) for added security.

chrome sync preferences

That’s all there is to using Chrome Sync, a groovy feature from a groovy internet browser.



  1. Rich

    July 7, 2011 at 5:29 pm


  2. jorge landa

    November 7, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    I an having ongoing problems syncing windows chrome and mac chrome. It obviously is not bug proof, but sadly, what software is these days?
    I am signed in on a mac and xp and the xp will not presently follow the mac

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