How to Change the Default Download Location for Firefox 4

Firefox 4 - Change the default download folderFirefox 4 handles downloads roughly the same as Firefox 3.6, but the interface has seen a face-lift.  You can still change up your default download location in Firefox 4, or just make it ask you for a location with each individual download.  This is always the first setting that I adjust when using Firefox, so I’ve posted our groovy instructions for customizing it below.

Step 1

Click the Firefox button at the top-left of the browser  From the menu Click the Options button, or the Options > Options button

Firefox 4 Options > Options

Step 2

On the General tab of the Options window, you have two different ways to setup downloads.

  1. Save files to <folder name>
    This setting will automatically save all of your downloads to the same location; the folder specified.
  2. Always ask me where to save files
    If you want Firefox to ask you what folder to save your downloads in every single time you download something, go with this option.

General options for firefox 4 and download settings

Option 1: Saving Firefox downloads to one folder

If you go with this option, you can select any folder on your computer that you would like to save your files in.  The default should be the Downloads folder, but it might vary depending on what version of Windows you are using.  To change this, just Click the Browse… and then Select the folder you would like all downloads saved to.

Save files to one folder and browse to set that folder

Option 2: Make Firefox Always Ask you For a Download Location

If you went with the “Always ask…” option, Firefox will display an Explorer prompt every time you initiate a download.  This prompt will allow you to specify exactly where you would like each individual download to be saved.  Firefox will also give you the added bonus of changing the name file before it is downloaded.

ask me everytime I download a file 


Now Firefox 4 is set to download file in the manner that you prefer.  Also, if you ever forget where you are downloading files to (or you just want a quick way to access the containing folde) you can Right-Click the file from the Firefox Downloads window and Select Open Containing Folder.

Open containing folder to find Firefox 4 download locations

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