How to Send Free Texts From Your Mobile Browser With Google Voice

Here’s how to use Google Voice on your to send free texts via your browser on your phone.

Sorting through, managing, and paying for texts can be a pain on most phones. With , you can have unlimited text storage, and unlimited free texts sent and received.  Well, that is, free for you.  Any friends who receive texts are still charged the regular text rates according to their texting plans.  If you AND your friend have Google Voice, you’re in luck!  Let the texts flow!

This tip for sending Free Texts from your Mobile Phone via Google Voice will work on the iPhone and iPod Touch, or just about any other phone with a compatible web browser.  Let’s get right into it!

How To Send Free Text Messages From Your Web Compatible Mobile Device

From your mobile web browser (Safari for iPhone/iPod Touch), visit  If you’re unable to browse to that address, try  If that link doesn’t work, you can request Google send you a custom link from here:

1.  Once you arrive at the Google Voice Mobile site, <phew> Enter your username and password and then Sign in.

find the google voice mobile app site and then enter your credentials

2.  Scroll down and Tap SMS.

scroll down and click the sms button in google voice

3.   On the final page, Fill out the To and Message boxes with the recipient’s phone number and the text message you want them to receive.  Click Send when your message is ready.

compose your google voice text message to send to your friend for free

Voila!  Your text should be sent all for free! When the recipient receives the text, it will show up from your Google Voice number just like it’s coming from a regular cell phone.  The only difference is, it doesn’t cost you a thing!  Remember to tell your friends about your Google Voice number, so they don’t think some stranger is texting them!

For other groovy Google Voice tricks on your iPhone, take a look at this article:

where we get into even more detail w/Google Voice!



  1. ben

    why do i need google voice to make free calls on my smartphone if im being charged for the calls out of my anytime minutes from my provider

    • MrGroove

      @Ben – One reason might be if you need to make a long distance call but you don’t get free long distance on your mobile phone yet. Another reason might be if you use your Google Voice # exclusively and don’t want people to know your real mobile #. Or, perhaps your like me and you only have 200 txt’s messages a month. Any more than 200 and I get charged $0.10 cents…. So, there is a few reasons to use Google Voice on a mobile.

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