How To Rotate a Home Movie File in Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is no longer supported but it will still work on Windows 10. Here’s how to rotate a movie file.

Update: Microsoft no longer supports Live Movie Maker. Windows 10 now has a built-in Photos app that includes a more basic video editor. However, the app will continue to work if you happen to have it installed on Windows 10. There is also a Movie Maker 10 modern app you can try out.

Windows Live Movie Maker is a great free tool from Microsoft I use all the time. It’s convenient since it will accept moves created on just about any device and allow you to edit and prep them for viewing by the fam.

In this groovyPost, I’m going to share a tip that you’ll definitely need if you share my bad habit of shooting video on your phone or camera in a vertical position.  Before I figured out this quick-fix, it drove my wife crazy as half our videos on the TV were sideways because I always forgot to film sideways on my phone…   Anyway – here ya go!

Before we get started…

Obviously, you will need to grab a copy of Windows Live Movie Maker.  You should also check the file you’re planning to use is supported as well.  Chances are it is but still, just an FYI on that.

Step 1

Launch Movie Maker and add your Movie by Clicking Add Videos and Photos and Select the video you want to rotate.

Step 2

Now we have the video loaded. Rotating it is as easy as Clicking Rotate Left or Rotate Right in the toolbar at the top, under the Home tab, until the clip is in the desired position.

Step 3

Now, here’s an essential third step. If you click Save, you’ll get nothing more than a Windows Live Movie Maker project, and you can’t do too much with it. To get a file that you can actually use, you’ll have to Click the Document-looking icon in the left corner of the window and Select Save Movie. Now, I think you might want to go with the Recommended for this project quality setting, but you can choose whatever else you want from the menu.  If you shot the movie in HD, choose a different setting to meet your needs (like High-def, etc..).

After the file is exported, you’ll get a .wmv video file, rotated and ready for viewing.  Ah…  much better!



  1. Gilbert

    Beautiful. However, I need to know how to burn a movie made wilth movie maker to a CD or DVD. Please help.

  2. Sean

    Simple, easy, Thank You!

  3. Sarah

    Thankyou for making it so simple :0)

  4. brian

    Mine is grayed out

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