Receive Files from Anyone Straight To Your Dropbox With DropItToMe (Updated)

DropItToMe was a cloud-based service that worked with Dropbox. It has since been discontinued.

Update: The DropItToMe service has been discontinued. Here is the announcement from the company:

Seven years ago, we had a dream of helping people easily receive information from anyone. Over the years, we have helped over one million users – for free.

We have enjoyed the ride, but we have also faced challenges. Although we gave it our best, we regret to announce that it is time to say goodbye.

Thank you for your support and for sharing this journey with us. It was our privilege to serve you.

Old Original Article…

Sending files via email is so last decade, and with all of the spam and malware delivered by email a lot of times, it will accidentally get deleted anyway.  So, what email can’t do, Dropbox can. The only problem is, Dropbox doesn’t have a good way to let people send you files – that is where DropItToMe comes in.

DropItToMe is a free Dropbox app that reroutes any upload smaller than 75MB straight into a folder on your Dropbox.  The service offers password protection so all you really have to do is give people a URL and a password and then they can send you all the files you need.  This is a simple alternative for people who might already be familiar with AirDropper.  Let’s set it up!

Step 1

Before you get started with DropItToMe, login to your Dropbox account on the official Dropbox website.

log in to dropbox

Step 2

Now that you are logged in, visit  The website has a simple interface for a web app.  You can use the Login button if you already have an account, this is handy later. For now, click Register.

create a dropittome dropbox upload account

Step 3

On the next page click the Register button again.  DropItToMe will now check to make sure you are logged in to your Dropbox account online.

If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you can sign up for one on this link. (link gives you a 250MB bonus!)

register a dropbox upload account

Step 4

If you’re a Twitter user you’ve seen a window like this before.  Dropbox will ask you if you want to allow DropItToMe to connect to your account.  Click Allow.

allow people to upload to your dropbox

Step 5

On the next page, you should be redirected back to DropItToMe.  Here you’ll set up your username and password.  Your username is also your URL, so choose wisely as this is what you’ll give people who want to send you files.  The upload password is what people will be required to enter in order to send you said files.

create a dropbox upload url


Once you’ve finished registering you can now give out your URL to whoever you like and they can send you files there.

share dropbox upload url

When someone visits your DropItToMe URL they’ll see a window just like the one below.  DropItToMe will ask them for a password and then allow them to upload any file (up to 75MB size per file) straight to your Dropbox.

password protected dropbox url

When someone uploads a file to your Dropbox, DropItToMe will automatically create a folder in your Dropbox called DROPitTOme and place the file there.

dropittome folder in dropbox

How Do I Disable DropItToMe?

There are two different ways you can disable DropItToMe.

  1. Temporarily disable uploads
  2. Revoke DropItToMe access to your Dropbox.

For the first method, go to and log in using the account you set up earlier.  You’ll then be brought to a screen where you can edit the upload password, or just disable uploads entirely.

disable dropittome

The other way to completely get rid of DropitTome is to go to your Dropbox account settings and visit the My Apps tab.  Here you can Click the X next to the app to uninstall it from your Dropbox account.

how to remove dropittome


If you need to transfer files over 75MB in size, DropItToMe is an efficient way to send files to someone’s Dropbox.  The only trouble with the app is that it has to be set up ahead of time, but once you set it up it’s incredibly simple to use.  I do wish that it had a receipt system so that you can confirm people received your files, but it works reliably enough that it shouldn’t be an issue.

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