GroovyPost Teaches Photoshop: Simple Motion Effect

Easy To Do Motion Effect

Hello again groovyReaders and groovyPhotoshoppers! Today, we’ve got a very easy and cool motion effect you can do for yourself in even the earliest versions of Photoshop. All you need is a good image to get started with and you can get going right away:

Step 1 – Separating your object from its background

If you are using a photo, make sure to separate it onto its own layer first. If you don’t know how to do this check out to find out.

easy photoshop motion blur


Step 2 – Duplicating the object Layer

To duplicate the layer, Press Ctrl+J or Right-click and choose Duplicate Layer.

easy photoshop motion blur

Then drag and drop the layer copy below original…

easy photoshop motion blur

Next, arrange the duplicate layer so its slightly off to the side from the original.  easy photoshop motion blur


Step 3 – Applying the Motion Effect

Now, making sure you have your duplicate layer selected, go to Filters > Blur > Motion Blur and then find an appropriate angle and distance.

easy photoshop motion blur

Then hit the OK button to see the results.

photoshop motiion effect



Heavier Motion Blur:

Since the motion blur will somewhat lower the opacity of your object, you can duplicate the lower layer a few times for a heavier motion effect. Here’s a quick comparison:

photoshop motiion effect


Other types of motion effects:

If regular motion blur doesn’t quite appeal to you, then maybe you should try Radial Blur. It can get you a pretty interesting effect, just like the one I did on the icon of this tutorial.

Easy To Do Motion Effect



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