How to Make Outlook 2010 Use Google Maps for Addresses

If you keep address information in Outlook there is a little map button that will automatically bring up Bing maps. But you can switch it to Google Maps instead.

If you store the contact’s address information in Outlook, a little map button will automatically bring the maps up using Bing. But, what if you prefer to use Google Maps? Microsoft didn’t include an easy way to choose what service you prefer, but with this quick registry tweak, you can change just that.

If you prefer to skip the below steps, you can download the pre-made registry fix. When the download is finished, double-click it and select Yes on the confirmation window.

Step 1 – Launch Regedit

Click the Windows Start Menu Orb and type regedit into the search box. From the program results, click regedit.exe or press Enter on your keyboard.

launch regedit in windows 7

Step 2 – Add a new string value entry to the registry

Navigate to the following registry key:


In the General key, right-click an empty area in the right pane and select New > String Value. Name the new value to: MapScriptURL

mapscript string value

Step 3 – Modify value data of the new registry entry

Right-click the newly created MapScriptURL and Select Modify… Now in the Value data box, paste in the following URL:<0s>, <1s>, <2s>, <3s>, <4s>

Click OK to save changes and finish.

change map script to google maps for outlook 2010


Now, whenever you press the Map button in Outlook, it will open up your default internet browser and take you to that address using Google Maps. If you want to switch back to Bing, go in and delete the new MapScriptURL string value created in this guide.

map it with google maps in outlook



  1. Jim

    Does not work. Have repeatedly entered this key, have used *.reg files downloaded from sites with the same explanation and I repeatedly get an error with ANY map provider (google, bing, mapquest).
    The KEY is as noted in the above directions (for BING).

    The error appears to be the URL that is being entered into the web-browser. It is entering the following URL for BING,%20Orlando,%20FL,%20,%20United+States+of+America

    This is really a bogus URL IMHO – and will not work.
    I am running Outlook 2007 with IE9.

    • Jeremy

      Jim, this is for Office 2010. It may not work with Office 2007, but if it did the registry location would be:


      Notice the 12.0 instead of 14.0.

      • Jim

        Jeremy – I agree on that being the registry location. If I add the change to the registery it does change what happens (i.e. rather than hitting BING – it launches to a different URL). But as I noted – the URL picks up a prefix that makes it non-viable.
        Maybe there is a different key – or some modification to the URL needed.
        Oh well thanks for the information.

  2. Gene

    Hi Austin,

    I have had OutLook 14 for quite a while and I have found Bing Maps
    inadequate at pinpointing addresses. Google Maps works well even with Japanese addresses.

    So wanting to do something about this I ran the question through Google and came upon your remedy. I must complement you on your concise instructions and well annotated screenshots.

    It has worked perfectly,and no longer have to copy/paste into Google Maps.

    Many thanks for the excellent tip.

    Gene F.

  3. Scott

    Works perfect.
    Done in 30 seconds.


  4. Adam

    I got a problem….under options I only got Calender, MSHTML (expandable), and ToDoBar…no General? I have just run AVG PC Tuneup,not sure if it has anything to do with it?

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