How To Increase Number of Recent Documents Shown in Word 2010

Here is a look at how to increase the shown number of recent documents in Microsoft Word 2010.

Microsoft Word 2010 makes it simple to configure the number of Recent Documents displayed from the File Menu Ribbon interface. The Recent Documents tab in Word is convenient as it makes finding and opening document a snap.

Increase Recent Shown Docs in Word

Open Word 2010 and click File > Options from the Ribbon.


Click Advanced Tab, scroll down to the Display section and adjust the Option: Show this number of Recent Documents. On my system, I set it to 50.


Click OK a few times, and you should be golden.  Looking under the File, the Recent Tab should now show the last 50 documents you’ve saved.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joel S.

    Nice, clear instructions, done just the way I do them. Thanks for the help.


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