How to Import Snagit Quick Styles

We just took a look at exporting Snagit Quick Styles, but to make those exported files useful we need to import them.  You’ll need to know how to do this if you want to restore Quick Styles that you’ve backed up, or if you have a friend or colleague that wants to try out Quick Styles you’ve shared with them.  The methods of importing mentioned below will work on Windows, and though the directories will be different on a Mac, it should also be able to make use of the previously exported .xml files.


Importing Snagit Quick Styles

Now that we know how to export files, placing them into your installation of Snagit is relatively similar. However, there are two options: 1. Completely overwrite any existing styles, or 2. merge existing styles. We’ll cover both below.

Important! : Before we get started, you must exit all Snagit applications.
Completely shut down Snagit, this includes closing the editor and the program that docks in the system tray.  Failure to shutdown Snagit will result in a failure of the import process.

completely shut down snagit editor and snagit

Option 1: Overwrite all existing styles

This is the simplest and quickest import method, but it does have some downsides to it.

  1. This method will make you lose all custom styles that you’ve saved, once done you’ll only have the imported ones.
  2. This method might not always work depending upon how you installed Snagit.

Of course if you the computer you are importing styles to doesn’t have any saved, it’s all savvy.
Sound good? Let’s do it!

Only 1 Step!

So hopefully at this point you have your DrawQuickStyles.xml and ImageQuickStyles.xml files that we talked about in the exporting guide. All you have to do is move those two files to your


folder and overwrite (Move and Replace) the existing versions of these files.

import snagit styles to your appdata folder overwrite existing xml files

Done! That is all you have to do to import Snagit Quickstyles. Easy eh? But, let’s look at the other import method just incase.


Option 2: Merge Imported QuickStyles

If option 1 didn’t work, or if you just don’t want to lose your already-existing styles, try this method.


Step 1 – Rename the xml files to be imported

Take the DrawQuickStyles.xml and ImageQuickStyles.xml files that you are importing and rename them to something so you can differentiate between these and your old ones.

I renamed mine to DrawQuickNew.xml and ImageQuickNew.xml.

rename your imported files to something new

Step 2

Now open up your DrawQuickNew.xml in Notepad or Notepad++. Also, do the same with the existing DrawQuickStyles.xml from your %userprofile%\AppData\Local\TechSmith\Snagit directory.

So at this point you should have two files opened up in notepad.

open up both the old and new xml files in notepad

Step 3

In the DrawQuickNew.xml (the one we are importing) Select all of the text between the <QuickStyles> and </QuickStyles> tags.  Be careful not to select the <QuickStyles> tags themselves.

Once you have the text selected, copy it.

Now go to the DrawQuickStyles.xml (the current one in the \AppData\… folder) and Paste the text on a line directly above the closing </QuickStyles> tag.

copy the new quickstyle code paste the code to the old quickstyle xml

Once you’ve pasted everything, Click File > Save.

save the quickstyle xml.

Step 4

Repeat the above process, but this time for ImageQuickStyles.xml.


Now whether you chose option 1 or 2, the imported Snagit Quick Styles should now appear the next time you launch Snagit Editor.

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