How to Use Dropbox on Your Android Device

Dropbox for Android allows you to save, share, and sync files with the cloud-based service. Here’s how to use it.

Recently we posted an article for using Dropbox on your iPhone or iPad but we thought it would be fun to show you how to do the same thing with your Android device and maybe show you a new trick or two through a screenshot tour!

Note: we’re using the HTC Evo with HTC Sense and Android v2.2. However, this is straightforward to adapt to any Android device.

Step 1 – Install Dropbox

Go to the Android Market. Alternatively, you can scan the QR Code on the right using your Android device to take you right to the app.

Android Home Screen - Launch Market

Step 2

Click the Magnifying glass on the top right side of your device and Type in Dropbox

Android Dropbox search app

Step 3

You’ll most likely see multiple apps show up. You want to Choose the one that’s developed by Dropbox, Inc. Tap anywhere within that box.

Android Dropbox Search Menu

Android Dropbox Install

You’ll have to allow the application to access several systems, Tap OK, and the app will install.

Android Dropbox App Store

Step 4 – Launch Dropbox on your Android

Android Screen

Scroll down the page until you get to Dropbox and tap the icon.

Android Dropbox Launch Dropbox Icon

Step 5 – Sign in or sign up

If you already have an account with Dropbox, you can sign in, or you can say I’m new to Dropbox and setup your account right here.  Although you can do it from the Android, I recommend you sign-up from the link so you can get a free 250 Megs of extra space.

For this tutorial we’re going to assume you already have an account with Dropbox, so we’ll Choose I’m already a Dropbox user and sign in with our credentials.

Android Dropbox Install Dropbox Login

Alright, you’re set to go

Now that owe’re logged in you can view all your items already stored on Dropbox, since this is a new account, we’ll go into a Sample Album within Photos.

Android Dropbox Photos

We’ll look at a photo of this Pensive Parakeet.

Android Dropbox Album Viewer

Tap your device’s menu key while viewing this photo and you’ll notice several items: Share, Set as, and Details. Details gives the size, resolution and type of document. Set as will let you make this a contact’s icon, or allow you to make this your Wallpaper.
Android Dropbox Photo Viewer Bird

Tons of sharing options

If you choose Share from the Dropbox menu, you’ll be presented with a list of ways to share this file. Notice all of the options I was presented with below. You can send it from your Dropbox, easily to your flickr account, email it to someone, or even post it to Facebook or Twitter.
Android Dropbox Share Menu

Go back to your list of files in your Sample Album and notice what else you can do from here. Tap your device’s menu key while here and notice you can search, add new, and upload. Let’s say you want to offload some of your files from the micro SD card, maybe some photos or videos – No problem, simply Tap Upload.

Android Dropbox Album Upload

Here are your options for uploading (see below). You can grab just about anything that you are storing on your device.
Android Dropbox Upload Menu

What about if you tap that new button we saw? This is pretty groovy, you can snap a photo or create a video right from here and it’ll automatically upload it to Dropbox.

I’ve found it really helpful to use the Audio feature myself. I can create an audio recording as a to-do list, notes on a project, or a simple grocery list. And if you want, you can even share that with your friends or family via any of the methods we highlighted in the sharing section above.

Android Dropbox create menu

Unlinking your device

Should you decide you want to delete this device from one Dropbox account and attach it to another, or simply remove it all together, no problem. Open your Dropbox app and tap your device’s menu key and then tap the settings button on your screen.

Android Dropbox Settings

From here you can simply Tap the Unlink device from Dropbox button and you’re all done.

Android Dropbox Uninstall


Dropbox is a totally groovy app. Whether you’re just syncing files from your desktop to your mobile device, offloading excess files from your phone, or using this as a shared audio grocery list – This Dropbox app delivers big time with its rich features and user-friendly interface!

Did we miss something really groovy in our screenshot tour?  Drop a comment below and give us your feedback!


About the Author : Jordan Austin,

Having just recently morphed from groovyReader to groovyContributor, we hope you enjoyed Jordan’s first groovyPost!!  Normally Jordan is busy designing and building websites however we look forward to his future contributions here at groovyPost!



  1. Robert

    Theres something that Im missing in dropbox, and thats uploading from multiple files. Like photo’s. Im sharing a dropbox with my girlfriend. And we both use our phones a lot for making photo’s when going out with our daughter. So to make sure we bothe have the photo’s of the other, we upload them to the dropbox. But with my Samsung Galaxy S im only able to upload just one photo per upload. It would be realy great to be able to upload multiple files in one go. And if im correct, if a thing on the wishlist at Dropbox headquaters.

  2. Robert

    BTW: great article!!! Forgot that to say.
    And like I said, my previous mention on multiple upload is indeed in the votebox. So vote for it :D

    • MrGroove


    • Jordan

      Hey, that would be nice, voted as well!

  3. debbie

    I try to upload a picture to my drop box and it says this file already exists. But its a different picture. the only options is to replace or cancel. The pics are from my facebook.

  4. Familiar Purrson

    Where does Dropbox store files?

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