How To Turn On Auto-Complete In Outlook 2013

The Auto-Complete feature has been around since Outlook 2003, and for good reason, it works and saves time while sending emails. Here’s how to manage it.

The Auto-Complete feature in has been around since Outlook 2003, and for good reason, it works and saves you time while sending emails. When you start typing in a character in the To, Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), or Carbon Copy (CC) fields it will suggest an email addresses from your contact list. It should be enabled by default, but if it isn’t here’s how to turn it back on.


Turn Auto-Complete Back On in Outlook

If it it gets turned off for some reason, or you want to turn it off and on later, in Outlook 2013 click File > Options.


Select Mail in the left panel. Now scroll down and under the Send Messages section check the box next to “Use Auto-Complete List to suggest names…” and click OK when you’re done.

Turn On Auto-Complete

I personally don’t see a reason for turning it off, since it’s such a helpful feature, that I rarely even think about it. It might be useful to turn off if you’re letting a person use Outlook on your computer quick to send a message, and don’t want them to see different contacts.

One another note, if your address book gets clogged up with tons of old contacts, you might want to clear it and start over. Or, it allows you to easily delete individual entries by clicking the “X” next to the contacts name that pops up.

Delete individuals

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  1. Annu

    when I turn off my computer the auto complete list disappears , Please can you help me to get back to my default setting on Auto complete list

  2. kelly

    thx but windows store wont even load up [gets stuck/buffering] on windows rt 8.1 this is the worst device ever..cant download anything! cant even download another browser !

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