How to Mass Remove Followers on Instagram

how to mass remove followers on instagram

If you’ve been on Instagram a while, the time may have come to do some spring cleaning on your followers. Here’s how you can mass remove followers from your Instagram account.

Mass remove followers on Instagram: It sounds daunting, especially if you’ve spent years cultivating a sizable following. But sometimes, removing Instagram followers that no longer align with your personal or brand objectives becomes necessary.

Maybe you’ve changed your focus and want to attract a different audience, or you’re dealing with spammy, fake, or inactive accounts that dilute the quality of your follower base. Whatever the reason, you need an efficient and effective way to clean up your followers list without the time-consuming, one-by-one approach.

Luckily, there are tools and techniques to help you remove multiple Instagram followers at once, allowing you to tailor your audience according to your current goals and preferences. Let’s explore the various methods available to mass remove followers on Instagram, from manual strategies to automated solutions. With the right tools and knowledge, you can confidently curate an audience that reflects your current focus and values.

Removing vs. Restricting vs. Blocking Followers

There are three ways you can get rid of accounts, real or fake, that follow you on Instagram. You can remove the follower, restrict it, or block it. Each of these has a slightly different outcome, so it’s important to figure out which you want to use.

What Happens When You Remove a Follower on Instagram

This is the least restrictive thing you can do to a soon-to-be former follower on Instagram. When you remove a follower, they won’t get any notice of that. However, they’ll stop seeing your posts and Stories in their feed.

If they dig around enough, they’ll be able to discover they’re no longer following you on Instagram. Unless it’s someone who really enjoys your content or knows you, though, they probably won’t even notice. If they figure it out, nothing stops them from following you again.

Restricting Instagram Followers

One step above removing a follower is restricting them. This isn’t the same as muting that follower since that controls what you see of their content.

It’s not quite as severe as blocking the account. Restricting Instagram followers is an effective way to ensure they can’t interact with your account.

When you restrict someone on Instagram, the following things happen:

  • They won’t be able to see when you’re online or if you’ve read their messages.
  • If they comment on your posts, you won’t see it unless you tap See comment. Other of your followers won’t even see the restricted account has left a comment unless you approve it.
  • You won’t get any notifications when that person comments on your posts.

Note that this doesn’t remove the followers or stop them from seeing your content.

Blocking a Follower on Instagram

When you block a follower on Instagram, you effectively disappear to them. They won’t see that you’ve blocked them, but you won’t appear on their feed, following list, or if they search for you.

If they have multiple Instagram or other Meta accounts, you may need to block each of those individually. This can, of course, become quite tedious.

How to Manually Manage Your Instagram Followers

Now that you know the different varieties of removing, restricting, or blocking an Instagram follower, let’s look at how to manage that follower list. I’ll start with the manual method, but this might be time-consuming if you have more than a handful of followers you want to get rid of.

First, if the follower has recently liked or commented on your content, you can tap their username to get to their profile. To remove, restrict, or block them from here, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
    Instagram Followers Management - Profile
  2. Choose Restrict, Block, or Remove follower from the menu.
    Instagram Followers Management - Block Menu
  3. Confirm your selection in the next dialog.
    Instagram Followers Management - Remove Follower Confirmation
  4. You can also remove followers from your own profile page. Tap the profile icon at the bottom right of the Instagram app, then tap Followers. If you only want to remove a follower, you can just tap the Remove button.
    Instagram Followers Management - Followers List
  5. On the other hand, if you want to restrict or block the account, you’ll need to tap the account name and then follow the previous steps.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this gets extremely time-consuming if you want to remove multiple followers. With that in mind, let’s move on to ways you can mass remove Instagram followers.

How to Delete Multiple Followers on Instagram Using a Third-Party App

Since Instagram doesn’t offer a means within the app or website to pull this off, you’ll need to use a third-party app to remove multiple followers at once. This gets tricky since Instagram’s API limits how many actions you can take in a day.

These actions include following, unfollowing, blocking, removing followers, and liking others’ posts. Apps that exceed these limits can get your account blocked or restricted. So, tread carefully here.

During my research and experimentation, I found a couple of options to help “cull the herd” of your followers. One is a very expensive option, targeting content creators who need to remove followers regularly.

The Inexpensive Option

Another app, Unfollow for Insta, allows you to remove up to 15 followers without paying anything. It appears to be iOS-only, but similar apps exist in the Google Play Store.

This does come with a couple of drawbacks. During my testing, the app logged me out of the Instagram app. When I logged back into the Instagram app, I was logged out of Unfollow for Insta. Furthermore, the only choice you’re given to remove followers is to block them.

InstaClean app

After the initial usage limit, you must pay for unlimited usage. At the time of this writing, that required a one-time in-app purchase of $3.99.

The Professional Option

If you’re a serious content creator, especially one who monetizes your content, you may wish for a more professional option. One such choice is SpamGuard for Instagram, which can detect spam and ghost followers and bots.

During its scan, SpamGuard identifies Instagram followers that are likely to be ghosts, businesses, bots, infrequent, and inactive users. You can remove those accounts from following you with just a few clicks.

spamguard for instagram demo

You can also import a white list of exceptions to ensure the followers you want to keep around don’t get accidentally removed.

The app developers are well-acquainted with Instagram’s API limits and spread out follower removals to avoid exceeding them.

SpamGuard comes at a hefty price tag, however. Its pricing starts at $28.20 per month, and that’s assuming you pay for six months. If you prefer to pay month-to-month, the service starts at $47 per month. Both options offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Why Should I Bother Cleaning Out My Instagram Followers?

In the Instagram landscape, “ghost followers” are accounts that attach themselves to your profile without interacting with it. They don’t like, comment, or engage with your content meaningfully.

Ambivalent to Beneficial Consequences

A few ghost followers aren’t the end of the world, especially if you’re still building your audience. These tagalongs bring some possible good, at least if they’re few in number. They can offer you:

  • Cosmetic Prestige: An elevated follower count exudes a veneer of popularity and gravitas to the untrained eye. This effect likely won’t last long, though.
  • Priming Effect: Certain algorithmic conditions allow for a slight spike in attention simply by a bloated follower count. This may offer a temporary boost in attention for newer accounts.
  • Psychosocial Influence: The allure of a hefty follower count could galvanize genuine followers into more consistent interactions guided by herd instincts or perceived authority.
  • Peripheral Analytics: Though passive, ghost followers augment your reach and impression statistics—quantitative touch points that some advertisers consider.

Detrimental Consequences

In the long run, however, too many ghost followers will only make matters worse. Instagram’s algorithm will, eventually, penalize an account with too many ghost followers compared to genuine audience members.

On Instagram, engagement is gauged by amalgamating interactions and dividing them by the follower tally, a figure amplified by a factor of 100. This quotient plummets in the presence of ghost followers, adversely affecting how your content jostles for visibility within Instagram’s capricious algorithm.

The overabundance of ghost followers can also have the following negative consequences:

  • Erosion of Brand Trustworthiness: For digital savants and corporations alike, a dissonant ratio of high followers to low engagement is a caution light for would-be collaborators. It raises questions about the sincerity of your audience and chips away at your digital integrity.
  • Algorithmic Repercussions: Instagram’s clandestine algorithm favors those with soaring engagement levels. An influx of ghost followers could lower the probability of your content gracing your audience’s feeds, hence limiting organic discoverability.
  • Resource Dissipation: In the quest for effective marketing, ghost followers are akin to pouring water into a sieve. They offer no contributions to conversion rates or any tangible Return on Investment (ROI), squandering the valuable resources you’ve put into your content.
  • The Specter of Shadowbanning: Suspected inorganic follower accretion, particularly if ghost followers constitute a sizable fraction, may prompt Instagram to limit your content’s reach. Despite Instagram’s official denial, the potential for shadowbanning remains an undercurrent of concern.

Clean Up Your Instagram Followers to Keep Your Content Discoverable

Taking the time to clear out your Instagram follower list of inauthentic or non-engaging followers is like doing spring cleaning for your digital life. It not only boosts your engagement rates but also gives you a clearer picture of who your real audience is.

Remember, it’s not just about impressive numbers; it’s about creating a community that values your content as much as you do. So, go ahead and declutter that follower list; your Instagram profile—and peace of mind—will thank you for it. Happy ‘gramming!

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