How To Display Different Wallpapers on Different Monitors

Display Fusion is a handy utility to use if you have multiple monitors.

With so many people adopting multiple monitors these days sometimes it’s hard to figure out a good easy way to display different wallpapers on each monitor. Or maybe you’re having a hard time trying to span one large image across two screens. Well, we’re going to show you a neat application called Display Fusion that can handle this with ease. Display Fusion will even allow you to use images from Flickr as your desktop wallpaper.

Note: Display Fusion will allow you to use more than two monitors, however for the sake of this tutorial we will only be working with two.

Step 1 – Download the application

Go to and download the free version.

screenshot - download fushion

Step 2 – Install it

Open the executable file and follow the prompts.

Install Fusion

Select your desired language.

Select Language

Step 3 – Open and setup Display Fusion

The default view should look something like this (see below.)

default view

First, decide if you want to use two different wallpapers or one large wallpaper spanned across both monitors. We’re going to choose two different images.

choose options

Choose where you want to pull your images from. You can select from your computer, or from an outside source like Flickr.

choose location of background images

If you want to use Flickr as your source, you’ll be presented with an integrated Flickr search to select your image.

choose flickr integration settings

Choose how you want the images to display. It’s best if you get wallpapers that are made for the resolution of your monitors. Alternatively, you can choose to center or have Display Fusion maintain the aspect ratio while still filling your screen with the image.

choose size mode settings

Here are my final settings – click to enlarge the image.

final settings config

Other great features

Display Fusion has tons of features; it really can do more than just display multiple backgrounds. Here’s a few worth mentioning:

  • Advanced Multi-Monitor Taskbar support
  • Use a different wallpaper image on each monitor, or span an image across all of your monitors
  • Integrated image search & download
  • Integrated image search & download
  • Drag or middle-click the title bar of maximized windows to move them between monitors
  • Snap windows to the edge of your monitor, or even to other application windows
  • Customizable HotKeys to manage your desktop windows
  • Customizable TitleBar Buttons to manage your desktop windows
  • Support for over 25 different languages

Pro version

Display Fusion also has a pro version available. This version is a one-time fee of $25.00 USD. The pro version comes packed with even more cool things like multiple taskbars on two different monitors – while still allowing you to display different items on each screen. Find out more about Display Fusion Pro here.

One annoyance

Over the past six months or so of using Display Fusion, I have had a few complaints, well really just one actually and that is the lack of auto-update. I think auto-update maybe something they’ve left out because it’s in the pro version only, and maybe it’s supposed to be an incentive to get you to upgrade, but I still find it annoying.


There is a slew of other features that Display Fusion has, most of which are in the Pro version. There are tons of HotKeys that can help in moving your windows from one screen to the next in all sorts of ways but honestly, I never use them because Windows 7 does this pretty well on its own.

other features

If you’re a Display Fusion user and know of any other groovy features, comment below and share the knowledge.

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