groovyTip: Display Favicon Only to Fit More onto Chrome Bookmarks Bar

Google Chrome’s bookmarks bar is a groovy place to keep all of your most frequently used websites. The number of bookmarks you can squeeze into the Chrome bookmarks bar depends on your window size and the text length of the bookmarks. For months, I was shortening all of my bookmark bar bookmarks to a single letter so I could maximize my shortcuts.

chrome tip: fit more into bookmarks bar

TIL: you can show only favicon in chrome

But then, I re-read the groovyPost we wrote up a few months back on how-to shorten the bookmarks to just a favicon with Firefox and tried it out with Google Chome.  Yahoo!  Good news:

fit more chrome bookmarks

Simple remove the name from your bookmarks and it’ll just show the favicon, giving you even more room to add shortcuts. For me, all I need is the icon to remember where the bookmark takes me.

To do this, either leave the Name: field blank when creating a new bookmark, or Right-click an existing bookmark, choose Edit… and clear the Name: field.

bigger chrome bookmarks bar

The same process works using Camino, Safari and Firefox, too. Groovy!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ziggy

    June 6, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Great tip but one minor problem! When cleaning the computer with Ccleaner (and other cleaners) the icons turn blank. Nonetheless hovering the cursor over the blank icon will clearly show which site has been referenced. Is there any way of overcoming this issue apart from not using the cleaners? Again thanks for the tip – it’s brilliant. Keep up the great work.

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