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How To get Android App Recommendations With AppBrain.

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You can find a lot of apps in the Android market.  Thousands actually, and at some point, this can get overwhelming till the point you don’t know what to choose. So why not let an app do that for you?

With AppBrain you can get recommendations based on the apps that are already on your Android phone.  Think of it like the Apple Genius Feature… (shiver… or not.)

For this How To I’m using AppBrain on a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with Froyo, but it should work and look similar on other Android devices.

Step 1 – Download & Launch AppBrain

Go to the Android Market and search for AppBrain. It should be the first app on top of the list. Click AppBrain and install it like any other app.

Android Appbrain SearchAndroid Appbrain Search Market

Now search for the app in your app drawer. Click the app and you will be presented with 4 options:

    1. Manage and Sync: Choosing this option will sync your app list with ;
    2. Recommended apps: Based on your synced apps, a list is made with recommendations;
    3. Browse Apps: Just like the Android Market;
    4. Explore Users: You can find other AppBrain users here, if you have added them.

Android Appbrain Sync

Click the Manage and Sync option. You will get a screen with 2 lists below each other, “Pending Changes” and “Installed Apps”. The “Pending Changes” list shows you the updates that are available to be installed or the apps that are ready to be installed. With the little red cross behind each update you can either cancel the update, skip the update for this round, or skip it every time. Its no luxury to update this list now and then.

Pressing the Sync with AppBrain button in the lower left corner will sync your apps with and will also give you new updates, if they are available. The Installed Apps list speaks for itself.

Android Appbrain Market ListAndroid Appbrain Market List

Step Two – Go get your apps at

For this to work good, you first have to log in to the site. Go to the top right corner you will see two options. Pick the right one, use your Google credentials and carry on. Shouldn’t give you any problems.

The next groovy thing with this app is the option to install apps you found.  Pick the app you want. For this example, I picked 3g Watchdog. It’s an app that watches your data usage so you won’t go over your bandwidth plan if you have one. Next to the app is a button to install the app.

Android Appbrain Market 3g watchdog

Once added, it will show up in your AppBrain app on your phone, in the Pending Changes list. Click it to install and your done.


The combination of the Android app AppBrain and the site is a golden one. Click the app you like and your choices get synced with your mobile. Or just stroll through the recommended apps and big change you will find something that could proof to be very useful for you.

Do you have an android tip?  Drop a comment below or shoot me an email at [email protected]!

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