How to Export and Share Snagit Editor Quick Styles

Export Snagit Quick Styles for use on another computerSnagit is positively our favorite screen capturing program for Windows and Mac. As we mention often, it’s what we use to capture all of the snazzy screenshots here on groovyPost.  Unfortunately, it has also caused quite the headache when it comes to synchronizing Quick Styles across multiple computers.  Snagit doesn’t have an apparent built-in technique for backing up or exporting said styles, but we’ve found a workaround that works quite groovily.


Huh? What is a Quick Style?

In case you are wondering what the blazes we are talking about, a Quick Style is a custom-set image or tool preference in Snagit.  They appear below the presets, and you can make as many of them as you like in just about any fashion.

snagit quick styles screenshot

Now that we have that out of the way let’s look at backing them up and sharing them.


Exporting Snagit Quick Styles

Step 1 – Completely Exit Snagit

Before we get started, you should complete close out of all Snagit programs.  This includes the Snagit Editor and Snagit program that is docked in the system tray.  This isn’t completely necessary, but it will save us a lot of headaches, later on, to just make sure that Snagit is not running.

exit snagit and snagit editor


Step 2

Browse to AppData\Local\TechSmith\Snagit in windows explorer.  The easiest way to get here is just to go to the Start Menu and Paste the following into the search box:


launch userprofile snagit folder

Step 3

Once you’re in the Snagit directory, you want to locate these two files:

  • DrawQuickStyles.xml
  • ImageQuickStyles.xml

copy snagit image quick styles xml

These are the files that you want to send to your coworker, backup, or whoever needs the styles.


Share it

For me, I just drop them straight into an email or a shared Dropbox folder.  Which is also handy incase you accidently delete them…

backup snagit styles to dropbox


That’s all there is to export Quick Styles from Snagit Editor.  It wasn’t quite “built-in” but the Techsmith team still kept it accessible and relatively simple so props for them to that.  Now to make these useful, we’ll take a look at Importing and Merging Snagit Quick Styles.

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