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As you’ve probably noticed, Dropbox is one of our favorite apps to talk about here on groovyPostWell, really, I think everyone likes to talk about it. This year, Dropbox is doing something new, and really groovy.  The Dropbox team put some great minds together and came up with a very challenging scavenger hunt, and if you complete it you’ll get a free 1GB of Dropbox space forever.  But worry not, we have all the answers that will help you get it done in less than a minute.

Step 1 will land you at the Dropquest starting page, here you’ll be told the basics of the scavenger hunt as well as some information regarding some prizes.  At this point in the game, all the prizes have already been claimed by people who completed the quest the day it was announced, but you can still get your hands on 1GB of free space.

Spoiler Alert: From here on out, the choice is yours.  You can try to complete the quest yourself, or you can use our cheat sheets below!

dropbox step 1 dropquest

How To Solve The 2011 Dropbox Quest in 60 Seconds

Mathias Bynens came up with the quickest solution I’ve seen so far.  Essentially, he knocks it down to only 16 steps, and you only have to actually do something (besides opening a link) on seven of the said steps.  It even solves the intensely difficult sliding puzzle and sudoku for you automatically!

His solution page can be found here. (Visit it for the answers)

Be sure to Click each step and enter every answer.  Skipping any of the 16 steps on his page could result in you not getting your full 1GB of space.

The Slow Way + All of the answers

If you consider yourself a completionist, or you’re just curious to know all of the answers, here you go.  The Fat Wallet community came together and listed every single possible answer, they are as follows:

Step 1
Step 2
5305404/18681 = 284
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
zip password = “huskies”
Step 6
Video solution to sliding puzzle here.
Step 7
3612th prime number is: 33739
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10


Step 11

Step 12

Step 11 refers to going home, so if you look at your dropbox home page, there’s a link at the top that refers to continuing the quest (step 12), taking you to Step 13:

Step 13

Step 14

Step 15

click on katana-ya link

Step 16

Step 17

Answer = BAFF1E

Step 18

Answer = Drew Houston

Step 19

Step 20

Step 21

Share a new folder with named 1F75CC

Step 22

Step 23

Step 24

Click on Rian Hunter

Step 25

Step 26

Get notes from midi file = badcabbage

Step 27

Answer = badcabbage

Step 28

Answer = 1133471056

Step 29

Answer = Dr0pbox heaRts U

Step 30

Wall of Fame


Regardless of what method you followed, once you complete the Dropquest you’ll be given your hard-earned(?) 1GB of Dropbox storage space.  Enjoy!

dropquest completion



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