How to Check What Version of Android Your Phone is Running

Android - see what version of the OS you are runningAre you wondering what version of Android is running your phone?  Eclair? Froyo? Gingerbread? Well if you just got a phone and your curious what you’ve got, you’ve come to the right place.  Just follow the simple steps below to this quickTip groovyPost!


The screenshots in this article were taken using a Samsung Galaxy, menus and buttons on devices made by other manufacturers may vary.

Step 1

From the Android’s Home screen, Press the Menu button and then Tap Settings.

android settings samsung galaxy s menu button

Step 2

On the Settings screen, Scroll Down and Tap About phone.

android - about phone

Step 3

On the About phone window is where your Android’s version information is listed.

  • Firmware version is the current Android version (e.g. 2.2.1)
  • Build number is the variant of your Android version (e.g. FROYO.EB13)

There are a few other bits of information listed here, such as the model number, kernel version, and baseband version.

android firmware and build number, model number too


Now you know exactly what version of Android you are running.  This comes in handy when looking for compatible apps, and figuring out why some features that you hear friends talking about might be missing.

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1 Comment

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