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How to Display the Developer Tab in the Office 2010 Ribbon for Outlook, Word or Excel

Office 2010 - EnableThe Developer tabWe’ve already looked at customizing the Office 2010 ribbon in detail, but this time we’re going to be a little more specific.  The Developer tab is a pre-built custom tab that by default has a good variety of advanced actions, and enabling it is simply a lot faster than searching for and adding these to your own tab.  Although the screenshots below show the steps in Outlook 2010, the steps are 99.9% the same for Excel 2010 and Word 2010.

Step 1

In your Office 2010 program, Click the File menu and Select OptionsIn our example we are using Outlook 2010.

file menu ribbon in outlook 2010

Step 2

From the Options window, Click the Customize Ribbon tab and then Check the box for Developer under the Main Tabs section.  Click OK to save changes.

outlook options in outlook 2010 customize the ribbon


The developer tab should now show up on the ribbon in your Office 2010 application.  If you ever decide that you don’t like the developer tab you can easily disable it by reversing the above step.

office 2010 developer ribbon enabled

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One Response to How to Display the Developer Tab in the Office 2010 Ribbon for Outlook, Word or Excel

  1. r carson maloney May 19, 2016 at 7:06 pm #

    Once under the developer tab, you will find other options that are grayed out. Can you please tell me what those things are and how to activate them?

    Thank you,
    Carson Maloney

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