How to Clear Firefox 4 History, Cookies, and Cache

Firefox 4 - Erase History, Cookies, and Cache

A year ago we wrote the ultimate guide to clearing out your Firefox History and Cache.  Since then Mozilla has released Firefox version 4.0 and slapped a completely new interface on the browser.  Clearing out history is relatively the same, but we’ve got  instructions for the updated process as well as a few groovy extras to help you make sure that Firefox has been cleaned out.


Step 1

In Firefox 4, Click the Firefox menu button at the top-left of the browser.  Select History > Clear Recent History

Tip: You can Press Ctrl+Shift+Del as a hotkey combination to open up recent history.

Delete Firefox 4 recent history

Alternatively you can Press Alt + T to make the tools menu appear, then Select Clear Recent History

Firefox 4 recent history tools menu

Or, if you really are having trouble finding the clear history dialog… Copy and Paste the following URL into Firefox’s address bar:


Step 2

Click the down arrow next to Details and check all of the boxes for items you would like to clear.  Next go to the Time range box and Select how long back you’d like to clear your cache for.

If you Select Today it will clear 24 hours of history, and if you Select Everything it will remove ALL of your history.

Firefox 4 clear history everything all details


After you’ve hit “Clear Now” Firefox should have completely cleaned out your browser history, cache, and cookies (assuming you checked the boxes next to them).  That’s all there is to it!  You’ve now got a groovy cleaned up copy of Firefox and any unwanted browsing history/data is wiped away.

Advanced Checking

If you want to be sure that your cache is cleared out, Type about:cache into the Firefox address bar.  From here the Number of Entries under Disk cache device should be 0.  This will also give you the location of the folder your cache is stored in so you can manually go in and delete it if you prefer.

Firefox 4 cache location

Sometimes there are a few left-over cookies sitting around, even after you’ve cleared the cache.  You can check on this by doing a Copy and Paste of the following URL into your address bar:


From the cookies window, Click the Remove All Cookies button to clear them out entirely.

Firefox 4 cookie manager

And last but not least, to double-check that history has been cleared out use this URL:


The window should be completely empty.

Firefox 4 history manager

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eliahu

    Thanks for the clear, concise information about clearing cookies, cache and browsing history in Firefox 4, and the ways to see whether it actually took effect. Greatly appreciated.

    BTW What are “Active Log-ins”?

    Most Appreciatively,

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