Combine Multiple PDF’s into one Using MergePDF

Merge pdf free webapp for combining pdf filesDo you have a set of PDF files that you would like to convert into a single paginated document?   I run into this problem occasionally, and while there are plenty of solutions out there, most of them require that you install some new piece of software.  For a task that I rarely need performed, installing a program just feels like I’m junking up my computer.  Do I really need to install something for a task as specific as merging PDF files?  Nope!  Let me show you a web app which can take care of this simple task for ya- best part, it’s free!


In the example below, I have 11 PDF files which each make up 1 page of an 11 page document.  This happens to me all the time when I scan documents on my printer.  Sure, I have the document in electronic form now however it’s a pain to keep track of multiple files plus it’s not very professional if I need to send the documents around.  Let’s combine them.

a list of pdf files

TIP: Before getting started I reccomend you rename your PDF files into a sequential format, as shown above.

Step 1

Visit the MergePDF Webapp’s page and Click the Browse button under the Step 1 label.

Note: MergePDF is limited to merging PDF files with a combined size of no more than 50MB.

browse for pdf files to upload and combine


Step 2

Select the files you want to merge and then wait for the upload process to finish.  The wait time on this will vary depending on the size of your PDF’s and internet connection speed.

The order that your uploads appear in from top-to-bottom will be the order that pages are put together.  If the order doesn’t look right you can use the up/down arrows to correct it.

mergepdf file upload list


Step 3

Once the uploads are finished, Click the Merge PDF button under the “Step 2” label.

merge pdf merge button


Step 4

If the Merge worked, you’ll see a Merge Dialog window appear.  Click Download to save the merged copy.

You can also opt to Retain uploaded files.  All this does is retain the upload list from Step 2 until you leave the website.  This is useful if you’re making multiple versions of the same PDF to omit or add pages.

mergepdf merge dialog



Once the download finishes you should have a shiny new PDF file with all of your others inside of it.  The files should be separated by pages, and this provides a much easier way to share or present it to someone else.

merge pdf combined file

MergePDF is a great tool however you should be cautious of using any free cloud service when handling confidential or secret data.  Something to keep in mind since for all I know, this is a foreign website which put up the service to harvest the secrets of the world.  (ok, paranoid disclaimer completed).

Happy merging!

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