How-To Change the Icon of a Windows 7 Library

How-To Change the Icon of a Windows 7 LibraryWindows 7 Introduced a great way to manage multiple files and folders from the same category – libraries. Although there are plenty of features in terms of file management in Windows 7 libraries, what is missing is a tint of customization. Let’s get that problem out-of-the-way by adding in a custom icon to one of our libraries.

Step 1 (Optional) – Creating a New Library

Although this works on the libraries built into windows too, you may want to create your own library, since the icons on the built-in libraries are pretty cool. Smile

Start off by opening Libraries.


Now right-click and pick New > Library.


Name your library whatever you want and press Enter.


Step 2 – Finding an Appropriate Icon

Now you need to find an appropriate icon for your library. You can just Google yourself one like a few below…


…or you can get creative and make one yourself (just like I did).

My Icon

Step 3 – Locating the .library-ms Configuration Files

We now need to open the explorer to locate the location of the .library-ms files that contain the information about the libraries, library contents and the icons to them.

Open up Explorer and navigate to:

C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries

where instead of “[Your Username]” you put, well, your username! :D


Step 4 – Opening the .library-ms File in Notepad

Now open the Start Menu type Notepad and hit Enter to open up Notepad.


Now simply drag the .library-ms file with a filename according to the one you gave your new library earlier into Notepad.


Step 5 – Making the Necessary Modifications

Now you will need to add an <iconReference></iconReference> line right between <isLibraryPinned>true</isLibraryPinned> and <templateInfo>.


In between the ><’s you will need to add the location of the .ico file we prepared at step 2.


As the grand finally, press Ctrl+S to save the file, and then close Notepad.


You can now open up Libraries again and take a look at what you’ve achieved!


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