How to Block Friends from Posting on your Facebook Wall

Our groovyPost on How to delete your Facebook account has a comment from a reader who wants to increase his privacy a bit by blocking his friends from posting on his Facebook Wall. I thought it was a great question which we haven’t covered yet so rather than posting just a quick answer in the comment section, I decided to do a quick article which covers the steps including screenshots.

Block Friends from Posting on Your Facebook Wall

First, log in to Facebook and click Accounts, Privacy Settings

Step 2

Click Customize Settings

Step 3

Scroll down to Things other share section and uncheck the box Friends can post on my Wall

Simple once you know where to look.  Do you have a facebook question?  Post it in our new groovyAnsers Q&A Site and if it’s a popular one it just might be featured here on groovyPost!

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