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How To Kill Your Android Phone’s Data Connection In One Click

How To Kill android phone data connection in 1 click

If you own an Android device, you probably also have a data plan. Although being connected to the Internet 24 x 7 is convenient, there are times when you should disable your data 3G. For instance, let’s say your doing some travelling and don’t want to ROAM outside the country.  Or perhaps you just want to extend the battery life on your android mobile.  Whatever the reason, today I’m going to show you a simple app for killing your data connection with just one simple click on your android phone’s home screen. Its called ApnSwitch.  Let’s take a look at how-to install and use this handy Android App.

For this How To I’m using ApnSwitch on a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with Froyo, but it should work and look similar on other Android devices.

Step 1 – Download & Launch ApnSwitch

You can find ApnSwitch in the Android market for free and you can install it like any other app.  Just search for apnswitch and it will be the only result by the developer Joohnnie . Its only 112kb so installation should be fast and short. After installation, you can find it between the other apps in the app drawer.

Download Android ApnSwitch Icon and Launch

Step 2 – Launch ApnSwitch

Click ApnSwitch to start it. The only thing you will see is a little square with a green bar and the word “on” in it. In the notification bar you will see a little symbol with “on” in it, and two white arrows.

Android ApnSwitch 3G / Edge / GPRS / On Off Switch

Now touch the little square. It will change from a green bar to a grey bar, and the word “off” will appear. Also, in the notification bar it will say “off”.  That’s it!! You just killed your data connection. It really couldn’t be any simpler. To turn your Data Connection back on, just press the ApnSwitch Icon again.

Note: One thing to note, altough ApnSwitch kills your 3G connection, you can still connect to if you need to jump on the net during your trip.

Step 3 – Create an ApnSwitch Widget

If you’re a heavy ApnSwitch user, you can make a widget. You can do this by long pressing on the app icon in the appdrawer and move the icon to where ever you want on your home screen.

Android - Apnswitch Icon


ApnSwitch is a groovy free app which is a nice time saver.  If ApnSwitch doesn’t work for you, just search the market for “apn”. Several other options will be presented to you, like Extended Controls or Beautiful Widgets. Bought have to be paid for.

Little warning: I have no clue if this app works with a 4g connection.

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  1. ekta April 10, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    Hello, You can do all this by going into your mobile settings. Simply go to settings-wireless and network-mobile network and uncheck ur options of Use packet data and for roaming uncheck Data Roaming.

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